What does it take to be a Writer

So what does it take to be a writer?

Exhortation helps, but sometimes a cold splash of truth is needed to get people moving. Remove your notebook and write down exactly what happens. Then there' s the one that breaks down the advances and royalties and how they work. Attend an evening school or an online course in journalism or creative writing. As far as I know, you may be a javelin thrower, and what is "young"?

Nine easy ways to become a great writer

I' ve collected enough typing skill somewhere along the line to become our CFO for some fairly large high-tech businesses.

If you can't spell, you'll never achieve anything in this world. Today it is more important than ever, thanks to the use of PCs, the web, online communication, and e-mail. Just... much. So what have I been reading? I' ve been reading everything from Isaac Asimov to Neal Stephenson, from Stephen King to Mark Helprin, from J.D. Salinger to Philip Roth.

At work after this period, I began to pay heed to the way I type. I' ve seen everything my leaders have written and embodied methodologies that I found to work. Tell me what you mean and mean what you say. It' difficult to keep your spelling straight. Lengthy, floral typing is dull, tiring and has no place in the shop.

It'?s the same to write. If you really associate with humans, they will recall what you said.... or written. It' old, but it's true both in the world of work and in presentations: "Say to them what you will tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you have said to them.

The grammar and composing are still important. There is a rising tendency towards informational typing, thanks to e-mail, soft copy and smart phones. That' okay; my own way tends to be conversation. Fill in for the item. Fetch the author's script. You can do yourself a favour and get a copy of "The Elements of Style" by Strunk and White.

Reread it a few time and keep referring to it. It' the author's script. You may not be winning a Pulitzer Prize, but if you focus on it, you can become an efficient writer. And, make no mistake: no matter what you do for a livelihood these day, if you want your careers to thrive, you have to start writing.

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