What do you do in a Book Club

So what do you do in a book club?

OKAY. ALL RIGHT. Lots of wine smiles do you have any structure for the discussion? I am concerned that I will say, "What do we think of the book?" and there will be a clear silence.

Which kind of books will you read; will you stick to a genre? Hints for selecting a book. So how big or small do you want to start a book club?

Frequently asked questions: Founding and expanding your book club

Where can I find members for my new book club? Your chosen members determine the book club's cultural life. When you' re looking for a book club that has heated debate, you may want a more varied group of members with different views - many book club members find that very worthwhile.

A lot of folks begin their book club by bringing together closely-knit fellows or staff, but there are many places where you can promote your group to new members: your bookshops, library, religious/congregational groups and on-line via websites like Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. So how do we select the titles we are reading?

A lot of groups either alternate between members who choose a book or make a suggestion for the best one. Hints for selecting a book. Irrespective of whether your book club has a certain "leader" or not, it is best to give everyone a say. From the beginning, define how you want to select your book.

While some groups schedule their whole year in anticipation, others select each book as they end the one before. In order to prevent a headache later on, it is up to you to make a decision whether you adhere to a particular style, have a specific topic or are reading a large number of books at your first encounter. When everyone in your book club knows each other quite well, you should alternate between holding your own home and the books.

When you set up a Book Club workstation, you can place it in a comfortable desk or a nearby coffeeshop. If you' re a more sociable group, it' s also a funny choice to meet in a favourite pub or dining room as long as the place is not too noisy or too diverting! At the beginning, consider taking some free food and socialising and then engage in a more focussed book debate - this should be considered regardless of the place you choose.

What is the best way to meet me on-line? When you want to organise a videoconference or audioconference where everyone can talk from their different places, we recommend that you try the following pages: Become a great book club manager? If it' s your turn to chair your book club's meetings, there are many things you can do beyond just rereading the book to generate a vivid debate.

Within the days/weeks before the meetings you can inspire your colleagues by emailing them to arouse their interest in the book, e.g. with commentaries like "I can't look forward to hearing your response to the choice that characters x make in the 6. album! or even links to the authors interview or video (this is simpler if you are viewing a new book).

Walk around the room during the session to make sure everyone has the opportunity to share their views and responses to the book. You can find more discussions in our Reading Group Guides, which are available for a wide range of publications.

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