What do Writers Write about

About what do writers write?

Aim of the author: Definition & Examples - Video & Lesson Transcript Each of the different ways of typing is explained in this tutorial. Additionally, the purposes of the authors are explained using samples to demonstrate the explanation. There are many different ways of typing in the whole wide range of the word, from classical pieces by Shakespeare to political discourses to the script treatment that was the inspiration for this summer's greatest blockbusters.

The works may differ in sound, style and style, but they should have one thing in mind for writing: a use. Writers write for many different purposes. These are the purposes of the writer. According to the intended use, the writers can select different write styles, categories and dialects.

An easy way to summarise the three major authoring category is to use the PIE abbreviation, which means persuasion, information and entertainment. Though there are many causes to write, to convince, to informed and to amuse, the three major types of author's use are. Convincing is the author's first primary goal.

Convincing text means that the author's aim is to win the readers over to accept the work. It is a very widespread way of typing. Every play that expresses a certain view or asks for a kind of call to act is a convincing letter. It' correct that the writer in these writings agrees, but as a rule he also provides facts and samples.

The information is intended to substantiate the author's views and to encourage the readers to consent. Convincing typing includes talks, ads, commercials and articles in newspapers. Every form of propoganda is an example of songs that were composed to be convincing. Secondly, the author's primary objective is information. The aim of the writer in this form is to educate the readers about actual issues and to supply facts on these issues.

Contrary to beliefs, however, these facts are not used to justify a particular view. Teaching books, cook books, journals and encyclopaedias are just a few of the information text. Each of these form is designed to give the readers information. Some papers, for example, maintain that they only give facts, but with thorough inspections it is clear that they could try to convince you to believe a certain notion.

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