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Publishing houses do what?

Political parties make authors feel comfortable, which your publisher won't complain about - but publishing is all about selling books. The books are given as gifts to people who can read the book or otherwise do something good for it. Need authors publishers? from Jenny Ridout.

Publishing houses do what? - Blog "Research in Work

"One of the pivotal issues at this week's International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers (STM) in Frankfurt was what publishers do and what their roles are perceived by the scientific world. Just like academics, the vast majority who work at the scientific publisher (many of them were once academics themselves) are very concerned about what they do and how best to do it - during a conferencing dispute, book-keeper T. Scott Plutchak said that whenever he encounters publishers, he is always amazed at how we are.

The outcome is a common goal of publishers that the communities we want to minister to do not comprehend what we do, how much we work on it and why what we do is worth-worth. Simultaneously, academics, university managers, public authorities and other financiers and booksellers (who are all paying for it in the end) are concerned about their value for the money.

It seems that we speak different tongues, and the separation in the Blogosphäre and in the medium of?bad?, profit-oriented scientific publishers in the last few month does not seem unusual. Editors speak of the products, of the products developed, of the protection of their mental possession. It is very well suited for journal publishers or commercial publishers where publishers buy and then sell contents from the authors.

However, STM is different. There is no payment for the contents and many researchers give their free or very little in the production of our magazines. We offer a range of academic and clinical research activities. This service costs a lot of cash and must be remunerated, but in some areas the publisher's conventional structure may not be the most appropriate way to do it.

Scientists are interested in the opportunity to conduct their research effectively and to receive acknowledgement and appreciation for their work so that they can go on being financed and make career progres. Whether they are writers or writers or readers, those research scientists and health professionals need to provide a service that validates, registers, archives and disseminates their research, makes it easy for others to find and access and enables them to construct these results.

At present, publishers offer these publishing activities in the format of scientific periodicals. However, these are not publishing activities - the academia could choose to find other ways to do them. If we want to be useful to them in the future, then we must hear what they are saying.

We' ve been told by the donors who talked at the STM meetings (Wellcome, Max Planck and DFG) that they want us to release all of our contents under a CC-BY-licence. The STM publishers must show that they think in the same direction.

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