What do I want to Write about

About what I want to write

Which stories do literary magazine editors want to read? What can I do to customize my story? About what do I want to write? Want to know what to write about? After all, how can you say if your words will do what you want?


The choice of what to write next is the most important choice you as a novelist can make. When you make a bad choice, you will end your play and find that no one is interested in what you have composed. What is the best way to select the right work? I' ve recently completed a brief history and spend the last few weeks trying to decide what to write next.

It may not work for you, but when I choose what I write next, it's my process: In the past I had so much stress to start my next one that I got strained and rushed around. There is no need for the brain storming session to be in a haste.

If you are relaxing, you can walk around, leap to many different notions, make weird, random combinations. Relieve yourself to find the right one. Coming up with plenty of bright lights. The choice of the next one is a question of negotiating between your abilities, your ambitions, your audience and your souls.

There are four kinds of question I ask myself when I collect my next idea for a project: Can I write anything? I' ve just completed a tale in the first one and it went really well. How much more can I write in the first one? Which other stories can I tell about this personality? Which history will show my abilities and my own personality?

Which history will help me to become a better author? Is it possible to write a better first-person-history? Shall I write from the point of view of a kid? What can I do to test my abilities with my next game? So what does my public want to see? Who are the writers of literature journals?

What can I do to customize my storyline? About what do I want to write? So what have I been giving a great deal of thought to lately? So what happens in my Iife that I have to deal with? Which experiences from my early years are needed to make sense? Do I have a tale to tell?

Don't censure your own thoughts, and if you have a stupid one, let yourself be laughed at! Put your own thoughts on a sheet of hardcopy ( "I would rather write by hand"). What is the number of possible solutions? You' re killing the bad stuff. There''s a whole bunch of things that could go astray: the idea:

Could you write this history? However, if you're not even near enough, you should choose a smaller-scale one. Are you interested enough in this tale? Isn' this history interesting enough for those who aren't you? Do you think readership / editorial staff / publishing houses will like this one?

It'?s big enough? Do you think it could be a brief history? And is that even a history? Isn' this history sufficiently competitive? Slay as many notions as possible and keep thinking up new ones. When my muse says no, I don't write about it. Someday I'll come across an image to which my muse says "yes".

However, while I am still in the early phase, before I get fully involved with an ideas, I appreciate myself. Are you sure this is the one I should be working on? What better history lurks in it? When I want to give up my job, I would rather do it at the beginning before I have spent a great deal of it.

If you know that you are a doubtful individual, you have probably had enough doubts. You have to say "No" to many of your own thoughts before you can say "Yes" to them. The main aim of this is to say "no" to notions. The completion of this tale will be silly, hurtful and not deserving of it.

The whole point of this whole procedure is to develop the belief in your concept that you have to overcome the doubts that will come in the center. As soon as you have selected your history, you are engaged. Don't pick the wrong one. So how do you select your next projects? Why do you say "no" to notions?

Brainstorming your next storyline. Coming with as many suggestions as possible (and saying "no" to as many as you can). Brainstorming for fifteen mins. After you' re done, pick your favourite storyline and give a brief description of why you like it.

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