What do I need to do to become a Writer

How do I become a writer?

What does an author do? Soak them in Scripture so that they want to read and read and never escape, so that they want you to tie them to your next book. You never stop becoming because you never stop learning to write. I' m still going to be a writer. I'd rather not do interviews, but I will if necessary.

eighteen simple footsteps to become a writer

Becoming a writer? Remember, this is also true for the decision to create a novel or a comic. Heck, it even goes for scientific or work-related typing. recently the NYT bestseller listing was beating. For Kiersten writes. Stage one: Choose to make a history.

Stage two: Make it happen brilliantly. Stage three:: Launch Microsoft Word. Stage four: Staring at the empty gray display that stretches to eternity until your eye burns and your mind aches from the mere void of the whole. Stage five: When you write a novel, you research for a few lessons.

Stage six: Staring again at the empty Word file. Seven: Find out you need sound. For the next lesson, you' ll have to find the right "mood music" for what you want to do. Eight Step: Click back to the Word file based on[insert great sound here]. Stage nine: The name is writting!

Log in to an affiliate program and spent the next two hrs trying to figure out how it works and what that shit means. Stage ten: Staring at an empty Word file. Choose a degree. Eleven: all right: Coming with a PENSION-Titel. Scent of Green Papayas" at the top of the page, followed by your name.

Think about how easy a tale will come now that you have such an astonishing name. Twelve: Stage 13: Stage fourteen: Recognize to your dismay that your ingenious name is actually the name of a movie you saw seven years ago in Vietnam. Fifteen step: Delete the track by pushing the back space much more than necessary.

Stage sixteen: Staring at the empty Word file until your eye bleeds. STEVESSEVEN: Notice that fourteen folks have annotated your state and ask what you write. Stage 18: It'?s a better writer's night anyhow. You' ve never known it was so simple to write! to a short est poster in the Sept. 2010 issue of WD.

So if you don't have a sub for Writer's Digest, what are you waitin' for?

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