What Degree do you need to be an Author

Which degree do you need to be an author?

Finish your studies or find the right graduate program for you. When you want your work to be accepted by a publisher in the traditional way, you will often find that they are not interested in what degrees or certificates you have. They can do this by working and then writing every day to practice the craft. You may be surprised by the answer.

Need a degree in writing to make a living as a writer?

Exactly who you ask is the key to the reply to the question whether authors need a degree in literary work. This is a full-time blogging and authoring guide for prospective authors. It is a readers' choice and it is rooted in my work. I graduated in education and psychology from the University of Alberta.

Now if you are dreaming of becoming a self-sufficient author and earning a living, get to work! When you don't want to write on-line, check out 88 Money-Making Reading Jobs. by Robert Bly. Keep digging until you find the kind of paperwork you'd like to do.

Remember, literacy for cash is a job, not a pastime. The advice of good old Mark Twain is less valid today than it was at his time, because I know that emerging authors can make a living on the first date or in the first one. Here is Ashleigh' s issue, about Making Monetary Freelance: 5 Ways to Help Yourself as a Writer:

Yeah, Ashleigh, I think it's a good thing to get your paperbacks to you. You won't win anything if you do it. Though I have completed several literary and non-fiction classes, I do not have a degree in typing. If you are a writer, I think training in something other than typing can be very useful, according to where you want to go in your development.

Speak to authors who are successfull and do not have a degree in spelling. And I don't think that writer writes degree, journalistic degree, literature art degree, or any kind of degree at all, in fact. I wrote for several nationwide printed journals and many on-line e-zines and contents pages and have never been asked what I have.

Obviously, I am a free-lance journalist - I am not interested in a regular paper work, or a text editor or texter. Find out what type of letter you want to write - and whether training is called for. So many different roles for prospective authors, and they all have different write needs.

You do not need a degree as a author or free-lance journalist - you just need energy, endurance, motivation, creativeness and self-discipline. However, you may need to take a typing degree for other kinds of work. Here you will find 88 Money-Making Publishing Workers.

You can try different kinds of work. But I didn't really like to teach about how to type - I'd rather type. For a few years I worked as a free-lance author and did not like suggesting idea stories to the editorial staff. At the moment I am working on various medical products and various healthcare products for BC Women's Hospital.

Also, I like loving, loving, loving, loving write for myself full time - I did five quips and blog hints, and have learnt how to make a blog. It is one of my best advice for prospective authors to do both. How else do you know if you like to write as a profession?

Knowing how much people can make could also help! See our newspaper and magazine article entitled Free Lance Pay Rates. If you decide to do so, you can begin to receive a degree and change to another one. Begin a free-lance literary careers and become the owner of your own company or teach Hawaiian blogs or surf.

You can start by submitting a clip to your favourite paper, apply to a journalist training college or college, or work in retailing for a year while you' re typing a story or deciding what you really want to do with your own world. Do you think authors need a degree in typing?

If you have further advice for prospective authors, please see 8 Things You Need to Know About Succceeding as a Crew.

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