What are Author Credentials

About the author data?

For additional information about an author, you can view biographical reference works that contain information about a person's life, work, and professional achievements. Authors' credentials can give you clues about distortions. This first author is called the "lead author". It may be the only author for whom information is provided, or there may be information about all authors. Some of the authors are PhD students and the other authors are PhD students working with them.

Authors credibility: Definitions & Examples - Video & Lesson Transcript

Discover what author authenticity is and how it makes a big impact on your research. Find out how to establish the authors' authenticity and where to find trusted resources. The author's trustworthiness relates to the references and other grades that indicate whether a resource is trustworthy or not. The author's trustworthiness supports your thoughts and argument in an article or research project.

Your shortcomings in your resources undermine the efficacy of your document and perhaps also your own credence. Make sure you search for your source in the right places. Further resources for trustworthy information are specialist magazines, web sites of industry associations (e.g. American Medical Association), renowned papers and their web sites (e.g. The New York Times) and TV station web sites.

A lot of items from these resources are also available in aggregate data bases. If you find an essay or text that fits your subject, you' ll need to invest some of your research to find the author or group. Do you have a serious organisation or firm? Which qualifications does the author have? When they have progressed in the area they write about, they have fulfilled the minimal standards of credential.

It is likely to be a reliable resource if the item is on the website of a prestigious college or organisation. You are, however, the best judges as to whether or not the author's work is appropriate for your work. Rate the item and determine whether the author's idea is valuable.

Decide whether the author can benefit from the financial consequences. Supporting only the final result of an organisation (e.g. the new pharmaceutical products of a pharmaceutical company) will undermine the author's credit. You will find a listing of the resources at the end of this paper. One trustworthy author will make the resources used for his research available.

It may have been a reliable resource, but now it may be outdated. Look at your audiences and select resources they are likely to believe. It is a good choice for peer-reviewed periodicals. The" peer-reviewed" means that the article has been viewed and endorsed by experts of the same scientific disciplines as the author.

In the case of a non-academic newspaper, the public will recognise and appreciate the credibility of the newspaper and magazine as a source.

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