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Newest tweets from WWA (@Western_Writers). We' re making it easy for you to find your next favorite Western writer, from a classic to a modern-day writer reinventing the genre. Western writers from Zane Grey to Cormac McCarthy have become an integral part of American literature. In the course of history many writers have come to Morocco. Purchase Asian and Western writers in dialogue:

The 10 favourite western writers I love

But there are so few writers who can do that well and avoid the dust clich├ęs and tropics of the Western novel to create a strong, unforgettable, unique tale of meat and ancestors. Here are my 10 favourite writers from the West, in no particular order: Lonesome and Streets of Laredo are two of the best Western of all time.

Feike Feikema's Frederick Manfred - HisLord Grizzlyis a classical, but I would also suggest Scarlet Plume, Riders of Judgment (in a mini-series called The Johnson County Wars written by McMurtry) and Quering Horse. I love his Outrage at Blancoand Texas Vigilante which was to be interpreted as a beautifully narrated story.

I have tried for years to make a film copy of these works and have been temptingly approached several time. He also wrote some other great Western. A. B. Guthrie - His fiction The Big Sky and The Way Westare not only classical fiction..... but also classical films.

Its marvelous Western should be reread in order (Big Sky, Way West, These Thousand Hills, Arfive, The Last Valley and Fair Land, Fair Land), as they are basically a set. Gorman - I have often talked about his book Trouble Manand Wolf Moonon in this diary. H.A. DeRosso - One of the obscurantist Western writers out there....and one of the least known.

He has published.44, The Gun Trail and Under the Burning Sun. The Shootist is a classical novel and was the foundation for John Wayne's last Western. Whittington - His Western (Trouble Rides Tall, Vengeance is the Spur, etc.) are just as closely drawn and thinly composed as his beautiful detective stories.... and were his only scores ever adopted for film.

Leonard Elmore - Before he was the crimes man, he was the western king....many of his novels and tales have also been to popular western movies....as 3:10 comes to Yuma, HombreandValdez. Agne's Standis is fantastic. The other Western Canada, die ich liebe, sind James Reasoner, Richard Wheeler, Bud Shrake (The Borderland), Marvin Albert, Lauran Paine, Frank Bonham, Thomas Berger (Little Big Man), Robert B. Parker (Gunman's Rhapsodyand Appaloosa), Tom Franklin (Hell at the Breech), Scott Phillips (Cottonwood), Jonathan Evison (West of Here), Patrick DeWitt (The Sisters Brothers) et Philipp Meyer (The Son).

Actually, I'm sure other writers and their great novels will come to my mind the moment I post this book.... but that's the chance you take if you do one of them. {\a6} (Hats up James Reasoner....whose writers' lists of his favourite Western writers inspire me to split mine).

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