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Frahlingen at the west coast

By our agents In 1982 he founded the company and is responsible for literature, children's and youth literature. The authors he has represented include Thomas Frank (What's the Matter with Kansas, One Mark Under God, The Wrecking Crew), the historic Walter Laqueur (A History of Zionism, Weimar, The Holocaust Encyclopedia, After the Fall):

Death of Akio Morita, Sony cofounder ( "Made in Japan"), Paul Hawken (Growing a Business, Unrest and Natural Capitalism), the historian Richard Breitman and Allan Lichtman (FDR and the Jews), Peter Senge (The Fifth Discipline), Joe Kane (Running the Amazon) and Marc Reisner (Cadillac Desert).

Amy Ehrlich (With a Mighty Hand), David Martin (the upcoming Shhhh! bear's sleeping) and Rebecca Rupp (After Eli) are on his kids roll. Although he is not involved in fictional art but his taste in non-fiction is ecclectic. Recently his customers have been writing on subjects such as memoirs (Richard Lischer, Station of the heart, memories of the loss of a loved grown child), biographies (Phillip Schewe, Maverick Genius, a lifetime of Freeman Dyson), nature histories (Richard Conniff, The Species Seekers, a story of man's search for earthly life);

is a story of Yale's Peabody Museum of Natural history, forthcoming), societal questions (Ira Rosofsky, Nasty, Brutish, and Long, a psychologist's memory of live in the eldercare biz ), user guide (Carol Levine, Long-Term Care for Dummies-she's a MacArthur Fellow), story (Thomas Madden, Venice: This is a new story; a story of Istanbul, coming soon), fiction (Susan Cahill, The Hidden Gardens of Paris), intellectuality (Heidi Neumark, Breathing Space, her two years in South Bronx; a reminder of her rediscovered German-Jewish legacy, Googling Moses, coming soon), culture story (George Cotkin, Dive Deeper: Journeys with Moby-Dick), among others.

After a long and esteemed tenure at the publishers of books, she worked for more than fifteen years as one of the publishers of Sierra Club Books and previously as head of Sierra Club Books for Kids and deputy editor-in-chief of Sunset Books. Prior to her move to California, she worked as a children's writer in New York.

Among her customers are David Martin (with Joe Spieler) (Peep and Ducky and the upcoming Shh!bear sleeping) and Barbara Bash (Tree Tales Series, Urban Roosts and Schadows of Night). He also advocates mature non-fiction books of general interest, among them natural, landscaping, gardening, architectural, interiors, health care and population. It does not deal with literature for adults, memoirs or poems.

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