Well Written Story

A well-written history

Nicole Krauss' love story. Some of the best well-written stories I've read so far on this page. They are very vivid, well written, informative and wonderful. The story was well written. Well written and red is the story of this influential advertising campaign, written by one of Britain's most respected copywriters, Alfredo Marcantonio.

What is in grammatical terms correctly, "history is well written" or "history is well written"?

History is well written. History is well written. It' a well-written story. Usually an acronym is placed between the first two parts of the verb that are'is and are written' here. "Story is written well" is the negative version of + credits the story. For example, Rahul credits the story.

But the second one has a small grammar error: the words good and written should be hyphenated, which makes them well written. If the story is well written it would usually mean that the manuscript or lay-out was clean. Usually I have no influence on the default of the used languages.

A well-written story would normally mean that the vocabulary is well written. It' s quite possible that a play is written in the most graceful of languages, but it' s a visual chaos. Likewise, a work can be a beautiful item of lit calligraphy, but actually as dull as hell or very inept.

The other way to distinguish between the two would be to say that West Wing was very well written, while suites were not. One could say, however, that they were both well written (or told) (as stories). It would be both right, but I would rather it were well written, as it has a positive effect on the public with whom it is addressed.... but that is my view.

A well-written story can be denied, or, every editor has his things

I' m the publisher of a little literature journal named WhiskeyPaper. If I curate a story, I know very quickly whether a story will feel like WhiskeyPaper. Whiskey paper-ish. I point out in our entry regulations that my man (the other editor) and I are only two persons, we are just a literature mag. Well-written tales were refused because they were not WhiskeyPaper-like.

That often means the tales were too obscure. We' re not publishing murky tales. Nor do we release tales of unnecessary force. I' m very sensible about how girls are handled in tales. Do not want to mention racial or snide words in our literature journal in Google search, because no.

I' m not exactly enthusiastic about tales that begin with dialog. This does not mean that I do not agree, but only that history has much more to show. I don't really do any reading or writing. It doesn't bother me when folks do. And, of course, it's always good to mention a WhiskeyPaper story they liked or were associated with, or something particular like that, but I never chose or didn't choose a story that' s just from the covering note.

Though I don't like to get into the details of rough stuff. I' m not going to do it. I don't have anything against storytelling in a pub, but something has to be done. I' ve seen some journals say that don't want tales in pubs, but I like them. Anyone can make their own decisions in their lives, in their fictions.... but I have an antipathy to these things and we don't release such things.

Besides, weeds are quite fun and weeds are hardly a drog. Lovin' a good story. I don't like it when a story is about a young woman who breaks up with a young man, and then the young man just hate all the girls for it or something, obsessed with it.

I' also have an antipathy to tales in which the name Jesus is used as a swearword. I don't like it when I have no idea what's going on in that story. But I like straight lines. There are many more things I like! I' d rather speak about the things I' m in love with.

Like, I love: -stories about data. The first data, the last data, strange data, scary data, fun data, sweet data. It is my pleasure to read about romanticism and to read about pairs and kissing and to sleep about it and about the things that humans do in order to lead a common existence, and about opening up and working up and holding together relations and friendship and love.

It is my favorite read about the game. It' who I am so I'm attracted to the tales about the South, the hunt, the cows, the festivals on Saturday, the Sunday church, the countrymusic, the pickups. I' m in loving all of it. Retouring for a sec....J'adore les histoires de chasse et d'animaux. Also I like to read about bowhunting and bowshooting.

Loved all the'90s! Also I like to skateboard and surf and hippie books. These are some samples of the kind of story I like to tell, and I haven't said much about the way of writing I' m looking for because I like so many different genres, and I think we do a good job to publish different genres while retaining the feeling of WhiskeyPaper-ish (but while we're here, I'll say that John Updike is one of my favourite authors because he talks about ordinary day-to-day things like having fun and believing and going down the streets and doing sport and marriages, but he picks all this up.

There' s a strong sense when I am reading a story that I accept in the end. It' a sensation that is difficult to put on the record, but I know it when I sense it, I know it when I do. That' s why it's such a good thing to look back through the literature journal archive.... to see if I can sense what they want.

An author should not be disheartened if he is rejected by a literature journal. It is my belief to continue to rewrite the tales you want to tell. I' m publishing what I want, I want to post what I want, I like what I like. and friendliness.

After all, I like working with authors more than once and I recall the friendly, simple ones you can work with. To write is a promise.

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