Well Written Short Stories

Well-written short stories

Because short stories aren't as interesting as novels? It is also one of the most moving and beautiful short stories I have ever read. " Writing a short story is NOT the same as writing a novel. Short story certificate. A well-written short story market exists and this course will help prospective authors identify publishing opportunities.

Browse 19 short stories by Nobel Laureate Alice Munro Free Online

The Swedish Academy today bestowed the 82-year-old Alice Munro with the Nobel Prize for Literature as "Master of Modern Shorts". It' well-deserved and it' s worth it (and it won' t be long after she announces her withdrawal from fiction). Munro has spoken to at least a few generation of authors with her psychological tales of common men and woman in Huron County, Ontario, their home and city.

In 2009, only the thirteenth Nobel Prize-winning author won the Man Booker Prize, the Governor General's Literary Award for Film in Canada three years ('68,'78 and'86) and two O. Henry Awards (2006 and'08). Their local fictions draw as much from their Ontario environment as the work of the best so-called "regional" authors, and intriguing interplay of characters and landscapes drives their work forward rather than complicated plot.

She was not a young phenomenon - she gained no glory in her 20s with The New Yorker story. She was the father of three and" learnt to type in the period she had". In 1968, at the tender ages of 37, she released her first Dance of the Happy Shades compilation, an older version for today's authors, many of whom have already written several books in their early thirtties.

She always wanted to compose a novel, many of them, but "there was no way to get that time," she said: So why do I like to compose shorts? Because I was gonna do a novel. When I had a little more spare moment, I began to create these strange tales that get very ramified.

If Munro's sticking to the abbreviation has always been a question of practicality, or if that's exactly what her story must be, is of little importance to her work. In the 1990 above Interview with Rex Murphy, she discussed her "stumbling" over feature films. Meet this writer who, as the New York Times puts it, "has revolutionised the architectural design of shorts".

Happy birthday to Ms. Munro. S/a to Paul McVeigh, who has drawn our attention to 4 new tales.

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