Well known Books and Authors

Well-known books and authors

and the Terrible, Terrible, Not Good, Very Bad Day. Browse short biographies of some of Scotland's most famous authors and see a list of some of their most popular books and novels. Its best-known books are Crash and the semi-autobiographical realm of the sun. Indian writer is known for his literary skills and his penchant for writing about India and life outside the safe cocoon of his homeland. However, many have led fascinating lives and provided inspiration for some of our favourite films.

Top 50 books you haven't yet seen from authors you already loved.

Are you looking for something to look for, but don't want to distance yourself too far from the authors you know and like? Would you like to join the back list of a certain great US writer? Sometimes astonishing books get simply thrown away in the wind, either because they are out of style before their times or because their writer has a big hit that blows out all the slack.

So, after the crack, examine out 50 large under-appreciated, under-read and shaded novels by 50 of your favourite authors, and be sure to include all the lacking wringers to the roster. Sure, everyone has been reading Lolita, and the supporters among you have probably immersed themselves in the award-winning Pale Fire and Pnin. However, - at least in the English-speaking countries - less emphasis is placed on the books Nabokov has written in Russian, one of the best of which is the call to beheaded, a real, curious and metaphorical number.

Plus, while Nabokov said that he has the most affections for Lolita, it is an invite to a beheading which he considers "of the greatest respect".

Twelve lesser-known books by famous authors that every true book lover should study.

We are all favourites as fans of books: the books we keep reading, the memoir that never let us down, the thriller that keep us in tension no matter how often we reread them, the volumes of poems that always teaches us something new when we break our backs.

People can talk loudly about the books we like - they share the same referrals, share the same review, compare stacks of TBRs and goodreads listings, stock up on annual prize-winning books - which sometimes means big but lesser-known books get stolen in the Shuffle. And, yeah, while it can be completely awesome to look at all those books that are not on your radar, if your tight stack is already ceiling-high, there are definitely some lesser-known books that every books person should be able to literate, at least once.

Also ( "you book-loving sceptics are listening up here), the books on this page are by authors you already know and like. Have a look at these 12 lesser-known books by renowned authors, which every real admirer of books should at least once have a look at. Meanwhile, you are definitely acquainted with Margaret Atwood's most acclaimed novel, The Handmaid's Tale, but did you know that Atwood has authored and released 15 more books, among them her 1969 début, The Edible Woman?

The author who gave you the much-obsessed novel The Woman of the Time Traveler has written a second, wonderfully designed and emotional reading, your fearful symmetry. As a 21-year-old twins Julia and Valentina Noblin move into their aunt's apartment in London after their deaths, Audrey Niffenegger reveals that their twins' aunts ( "not insignificant, her mother's own twin") may not be as far away from their old home as she might expect to die.

Perhaps if you already loved the Hindu author Arundhati Roy, it's her fiction: her 1997 Man Booker Prize-winning novel The God of Small Things and her latest (and recently voted Amazon Best Book of the Year) The Ministry of Highest Happiness. Do you know, however, that the author has an extraordinary non-fiction book behind her?

Algebra of Infinite Justice is a compilation of papers that began in 1998, a few words after the detonation of a thermal reactor by India, and was published as a critique of the misuse of nuclide. When you have been reading (and loved) the heart-rending 9/11 novel by Jonathan Safran Foer, which leads the reader through the young Oskar Schell's relation to his deceased dad, Extely Loud and Incredibly Clos, then you should definitely consider his latest work Here I Am.

Fulfilled with the same lively, vibrant depictions you have captured in Life of Pi, the high mountains of Portugal tell the woven tales of three men: There are probably more than a few Toni Morrison books on your bookshelf - among them her most famous and Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Belive and her most recent book God Help the Childrens.

Morrison's lesser-known books are also well-written. In one of these stories (11 in all), Tar Baby is a tale that uses the romantic relationship between two Americans with very different background to deal with questions of racial and femininity in America. Whereas the 1871 novel, Middlemarch, probably needed your high scholastic grammar bookmarks, George Eliot's lesser-known (but probably much bigger) novel Romola probably hasn't made your TBR-stack.

In Florence, around 1942, the novel recounts the tale of a young lady called Romola, the guardian of her father's book and spouse of a two-faced man called Tito, from whom she must detach herself intellectually, artfully and spirally in order to go her own way and keep what is dear to her.

Perhaps less well known are Egans six more books (four fiction and two collection of shorts ), among them her first novel The Invisible Circus. In a 2001 film with Cameron Diaz, The Invisible Circus recounts the tale of Faith O'Connor and her living sibling Phoebe, who follows her sister's fate journey through Europe, not only to comprehend why and how her older brother had been killed, but also how she was living.

Just as you are certainly acquainted with the classical novel The Great Gatsby, far fewer bibliophiles have dared to read F. Scott Fitzgerald's first novel, This Side of Paradise. Posted when the writer himself was only 23 years old, This Side of Paradise is a semi-autobiographical tale about the ivy league's special league contender Amory Blaine, a member of the "Lost Generation".

You' re familiar with Norwegian Wood and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, but if you haven't yet seen the novel by Haruki Murakami, A Wild Sheet Chase, you should include it in your TBR spread. Murakami is the novel that turned Murakami from a native writer into a legend, a mythic novel about a mutated lamb, a lethal menace and a wild, fanciful experience around the globe that captivates the reader.

The 1981 novel is inspirational and leads the reader through the assassination of (fictitious) Santiago Nasar by the twins Pablo and Pedro Vicario, in revenge for an alleged love affair that Nasar had with her soon to marry Sr. Angela - a fate that everyone in the city, the fiancé of Nazar, knew about and was ignored to avert.

Whilst you have probably been reading "Their Éyes Observing God" more than a few readings, you may not have come across Hurston's lesser-known and first novel "Jonah's Gourd Vine".

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