Weekend Writing Courses

Writing courses at weekends

Retreat Weekend Accompany us on our weekend Writing Retreat in Temenos, in McGregor on the Western Cape. This weekend offers a fresh impetus to get writing going, to get a deadlocked plan back on track or to make significant progress. We plan inspiring workshops on the writing processes, but you also have a lot of free space for your own writing.

Authors who want an incessant writing period with a bit of writing companionship. It' gives you a soft boost and drive - or a big boost if you want. Courses will inspire your creative mind and inspire discussions. Give you 48 or longer if you wish continuous writing times with all your needs.

The way the pullout will work: You can arrive any day from 2 pm on Friday. If you wish, you can reserve extra night before (and after) the event. We are planning private lessons on Friday afternoons. The weekend starts with an official writing exercise on Friday night around 6 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, another writing exercise workshop takes place after breakfasts.

Optionally we offer five-finger writing excercises for loosening up. We offer paperwork for those who do not have a specific idea. Mentors Jo-Anne and Richard are available for your mentorship and motivational support and will give you feedbacks on your letter. We' ll get together over a cup of coffee or luncheon to find out how everybody's doing.

In the afternoon and evening you have more writing hours. And, depending on your ability, consider to add a little more a day or two before or after the seminar. We would be delighted if you would join us in a quiet and prolific place of refuge!

a href= "/writing-book-proposal">Writing a proposal

This is a suggested reading to introduce you to an agency or journalist. So why will this volume be a success? Focusing on assisting students to begin the writing of a suggestion for different non-fiction categories such as memoirs, story, essay, autobiography, autobiology, resources, self-help, instructions, and more. Some of the issues of the suggestion that we will be discussing and developing in our common times include: cover, hooks, market, Ph.

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