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I' m Rae Blair, writer, thinker, photographer. Most online writing communities also have their own space for writers to promote their books. Sharing your book with a wider audience. Sharing on Facebook Pin on Pinterest. Divide your poems, short stories and novels.

Featured sites for fiction writers to share their writing

So, you have created a history and don't want to make it public yourself or leave it sitting on a stack of literature for you? Emerging and mature authors have such websites: The Wattpad is a fellowship for reader and authors of different categories. All in all: I began to read on Wattpad in 2014 and published my first book in 2016.

Here is my biggest readership and my biggest public. You need a lot of patience to create an audiences, but the serialised fun and immediate readers' feedbacks are second to none. Incitt is a reader-operated publishing house. I still get a feeling for the site and can't give a proper rating at this point.

All in all: I began to read and write on tapas in 2017. It' s nice to have a whole days and times to publish a story, but it's difficult to compete with other fiction and comics. The Macmillan Children's Publishing Group has created a readable credit. Overall: I began to read swoon reads in December 2017.

There is no history on the site yet and I can't give a score at this point.

Which are the best websites for writing and storytelling?

They have a huge, faithful and engaging fellowship of authors with all the background, convictions and skills and are one of the better "in-site editors" I have known. It lacks the user experience, although they have just upgraded their user interfaces and layouts, but it balances that with talents, contents and people.

The Booksie herself has an astonishing level of copyrights and sometimes holds formal competitions. The awards contain feature and interview, cash, a mix or other - and often free of charge to top contents! There are competitions almost every day and the users come together to exchange criticism and comments. Fellowship is missing by contrast, but authors with "double accounts" are thriving as well.

Wadtpadis another good website in regard to number and contents. Authors of all age groups, experiences and background thrive here..... although the fellowship unconsciously seems to be playing "favorites". The contents can go undetected and you really have to get to work to expose or criticize them. While other websites are very community-based, I have found that Wattpad is built on contents.

But the interface is beautiful and easy to use and the additional little thing to "occupy" your story is really amazing - especially for visually inspired people! On the website there is an "award ceremony" with the best works and the best playwrights, the so-called Wattys. They can find shorts and new sections in their users' uploads, but the above are the most used.

Nevertheless a pleasant twist on the usual writing plattform and an interesting variety for authors who love the little things.

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