Websites that Pay for Poetry

Sites that pay for poetry

ohn Hewitt is the editor of, a website about writing and poetry. Listing of websites that will pay for your poetry

Register now with GlotestMarket to get paid for on-line polls and make a real impact. It is the simplest way to make easy and fast income on line. Have you got a way of saying it through poetry? Want to make a little more for your one-of-a-kind poetry? There are several websites that are looking for someone to enter their poetry on-line.

So that they can receive and possibly republish your poetry, they may not be received in printed form, on-line or for publishing anywhere in advance. While you can use poetry in your free writing as a pastime, it can be a great springboard into becoming a freelancing author and filing your contents on-line or just another way for you to earn additional cash from home.

What's great about poetry is that you don't have to be an extraordinary author and have no prior knowledge. Poeticism can also be a great market for those who are not so convenient to write on-line or for those who are very good at expressing themselves. Make $1-$5 every qualifier and survey.

Sign up with MindField On-line where you make extra revenue for every poll you do. There' are no glimmicks, points or competitions to be wasted. Members are making serious bucks, so sign up today! When this happens to be you, or you know someone who surpasses at doing this, inspire them to research and subjugate at some of these poetry that writes marketplaces on-line so that they are being rewarded for their talents. What are you looking for?

Below is a listing of some of our clients to which you can send your poetry for a fee to.

Pay $20 per page with a $200-limit. Highest VQR - Pays $200 per verse or $0.25 per words if longer. Blu Mountain Arts - Pays $300 for publishing poems around the world and includes greetings and other items and $50 for one-time use in a work.

*AGNI Online - Pay $20 per page for poems. Series of Ruminate Magazines - Pay $15 per poet. The EPOCH - Pay $50 per poet. funforKidz magazines - Pay $10 per poet. Poultry soup for the soul - $200 per poet. Clubshouse Jr. Magazine - Pay $50 to $100 per poet. U.S. Kids - Pay $35 and more per poetry and Jack & Jill will pay $25 to $50 per compliment.

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