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Book creation website

Before you start thinking I'm some kind of web code genius or graphic designer, don't be fooled. Or you can easily find some e-book cover creation software online and do it yourself. However, your website is not the only place where a guest can make a booking. Quick and easy to use with instant downloadable results. Now you have more opportunities than ever before to communicate with your customer.

Allows you to create a nice book website for less than $100 in 3 easy stages.

Ever since I published my book Wrecked, many folks have asked me: "Who created your website? Before you think I'm some kind of web code engineer or graphics designer, don't be deceived. You know you need the right tool to be taken seriously (and at the top of this site is a nice site), but you just don't think you can buy it.

No need to dropping $1000 to create a good-looking website. You don't need to contract a graphics company to do the work. Here is what I do in four easy stages to create a nice website for my book for less than $100: For me this is a matter of course, because I use WordPress pages for everything I do online: blogs, landings, community and more.

How to setup WordPress on a website: That costs you about $5 per months, and that's where your website will "live" there. Reinstall WordPress. The Bluehost has a one-click installation procedure for WordPress that is very simple. Generate your log-in ID and your passwort. With WordPress now up and running, choose a theme for your website.

WordPress is great because you can use different theme designs to make your website look professionally without a lot of work. I used the Genesis frameworks for my initial book page, a fundamental website layout developed by StudioPress (a Copyblogger Media company).

Things like Genesis are what many great blogs, like Chris Brogan and Problogger, have used. After setting up Genesis, I added a "children's topic" that offers more possibilities for adaptation. What exactly is a children's topic? I can imagine the best analogue to this is the furnishings of a home.

That is what a topic (in this case, kid topic) does. I use a kid topic named Tribe and it's a schema that my boyfriend Martyn Chamberlin created especially for me (it's also what I use in my blog). Since then Martyn and I have changed Tribe to a separate topic, so that it no longer requires Genesis to function.

In order to get Tribe to work on your WordPress blogs, you need to do the following: Purchase the TribeTheme. If you click on this hyperlink, you will get a thumbnail of the topic and then you can buy it. This should be about $99.00. Tribe can be installed. To do this, log into your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance, then Themes, and then click Upload and choose the tribal topic zipped document.

Click on "ACTIVATE" to enable the topic. To use Genesis and another children's topic, click on this hyperlink and you will be directed to the StudioPress website, where you will be given an opportunity to purchase a number of different topics. Select the Genesis Framework (should be about $59.95) and your preferred children's topic.

One part of what makes the Tribe topic look so great is the large headers that you can customize in your WordPress Dashboard. I got the pictures from my book jacket from my editor, so I just used them. However, if you have someone create your book artwork, you should ask them for a page heading as part of the pack.

When you have the picture, you have to load it next, which you can do by pressing Tribe and then click theming. This is where your book page should be alive and you can begin to create pages. Contents are vital (even with a smart website design) if you want your website to be found.

You can use them to discuss your book (they can contain book extracts, book review, notes or even a blogs with brief articles). Click here to see my book page. If you want to know more about the layout of my latest book, visit this page: Is it possible to create a beautiful book page without destroying the bank?

I' ve been spending less because I've previously purchased some of my own software and used it on other pages. Which hints or quizzes do you have for the creation of nice book pages?

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