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See if you can find the publisher. It is the company, organization or person who produces or sponsors the website. View more tools to learn everything about a website.

To find a publication date on a website

It is not always easy to find the publishing date on a website. The majority of sites offer at least a copyrighted date in the bottom line and a publishing date under the titles of items and blogs. The date can also be found in a web address if the website operator is publishing its contents via a CMS and is using certain preferences.

When you still can't find the date, you can sometimes find it in your web browsers or in your sources. The majority of web sites place data near item headings and in the header. Search for the name of the web page or item on the site. Search for the release date anywhere around the song, usually at the bottom or right or both.

The majority of blog and newsgroups place the release date near the track or line. Please refer to the web site in your web site to find the link. Any major web browers - IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera - place the addressbar at the top of the web page, usually between the tab and the web page itself.

Search for numbers that look like a date in the address. A lot of CMS and blogs structures web addresses of posted contents by date. For this example, "2011" is the year of release and "05" means that the item was in May. Just stop over the end of the article and look there as some web sites put pub information after the articles.

In most cases, if no date is given for the respective website, you will find the copyrights for the whole website. antags. Right click on the website in your web navigator and look at the website information. Please be aware that this date may be an error on the page rather than a modification of the information in the real contents.

This function is missing in IE, but you can run it with any other common web browsers.

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