Ways to Write 4

Notation 4

The use of a "closed" four - "4" - in handwriting is often very easily confused with the number 9. To avoid any risk of confusion, only write the "open" version. The reader may not be aware of the relationship between the divisibility properties of numbers and the topological properties of the numbers they represent. You can write any character in several ways. Use the instructions to write each number in four different ways.

How do you spell the number four right?

There can be many variations in different typefaces, a commonly used option that is commonly used in registers of books and papers, IV is the numerical value for 4. But the quickest way for most group is to write 4, as it can be backhand in a continual motion without action the writer of the material. yet this writing of 4, if backhand quickly, could potentially be confused with 9.

It is doubtful whether there is a "right" way. The" open" four-digit number - lower case character "h" reversed - is recommended if you write the number in your own hand. The use of a "closed" four - "4" - in the manuscript is often very often mistaken for the number 9.

In order to prevent the possibility of mix-ups, only write the "open" one. It is a silent point when you type, because the "closed" mode is the only keypad feature. It' more professionally than the "open" one. It is f - w - w - l - h unless it is at the beginning of a phrase or part of a track, then it is F - w - w - s.

It is something I was told by the primary schools in which I was born. I was told by the monks to write it in the enclosed way you described. But now I'm writing it openly.

What are two different ways to write the number four?

I assume you don't mean Roman numerals, so I guess that's what you mean: When you can write one of them more quickly by handwriting, you will use it more natural because it is more speed. They can also practice writing a particular way if you really want to, but as long as it's legible, it's okay to use it.

Why there are still different ways to write four typefaces in the modern world is because we have tried to simulate the manuscript when we created it. The reason why you meant Roman numerals was that the Roman Empire had a great impact on civilization. The Roman numerals were used by the Romans in the first place (surprise!) and also by the areas that captured them, even after their departure.

The Arabic numerals began to disseminate in the 15th and were quickly adopted as they were much more effective. The use of Roman numerals is no longer outside of "fancy" things (for want of a better word), so you still see them on watches, and not really anywhere else.

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