Ways to Start off a Story

Possibilities to start a story

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Type a big first line for your short story

When writing shorts, you need a good start. Occasionally the first movement of a story is all that impresses an editorial. If you are an author of a few shorts and a hard-working contributor to a dozen similar journals, you are of course interested in the screening procedure.

What are the editors' selections for the selected story titles? They are horrified to see the writers leaf through one story after another, sometimes pull an original out of their manila envelopes half way and scan the first heel before throwing it over their back. In your opinion, it seems that these brief histories are hardly taken into account, and in a way you are right.

The number of stories submitted to a publisher is far greater than the number of works chosen for release (at an incredible distance), and the first reader has no other option than to make lightning-fast choices, often only at first sight. It'?s the first few lines that count for the author of the story.

Begin with some kind of conflicting or threatening. Meteorological forecasts are dull and probably have no impact on history (unless it is a storm or other thrilling meteorological event). Long, floral portrayals of the scene of the story are not considered eye-catching. Authors of feature films should consider this fact: readership (and hard-working editors) are more eager than ever before.

You do not accept a story that needs several heels in order to heat up - you want to go straight to the point, and you want it now. So, start the story right away and give the readers what they want: a strong opening and a great story. Did you write a great comic?

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