Ways of Writing 4

Notation 4

There are four ways to write a number. There are two ways to write "4" and "a": declalikeimfive The notation' 4','a' or'g' is not typed more correctly than the other one. Different forms of characters have different histories, and each one has a wealth of different histories and demands for accuracy. The" one-storey" and the" two-storey" a and gra differed many hundred years ago.

The most common types are the double-storey version in serious-letter typeface and the single-storey version in manuscript and italics. Sansserif fonts can use both forms; Verdana, who most of us probably just read, uses the dual a and the comic. I am less acquainted with the comic of Q. 4.

Correct spelling of number 4

The reader may not be aware of the correlation between the dividability characteristics of numbers and the numerical topology of the numbers they stand for. For a number named after the number named after it, the correct division of primes from the number named after it is different from the number named after it and it is even. a, b S applies: a and b have the same number of correct primary number dividers (counted with multipliers). a and b have the same homotope types. a and b intersect a leaf into the same number of parts if they are written with a scale.

Any number in S (other than 1) is primary, if and only if it has equivalent homotopic triviality, it does not rip the page into individual parts. While the equivalency between (i) and (iii) in the sentence is dependent on the Alexander Pontryaginduality, this grade is in the mind of the so-called form theory established by K. Borsuk.

Form theorem, monograph Matematyczne, Polish Science Publisher, Warsaw, 1975.

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