Want to Start Writing a Book

Would you like to write a book?

Recently I postponed the writing of Deathbringer (continuation of my dark fantasy novel, the Necromancer) on the grounds that firstly it wasn't the book I wanted to write. There is no child who will ever have to learn to find the volume of a cone for the rest of his life. A lot of people say they'd like to write a book. A starting point is very helpful in inspiring these deceptive creatures. While you are planning, you will find out a basic structure.

Would it be okay to write one script while you write another script?

Asimov was one of the most productive authors of the twentieth centuries (over 500 books), and his favourite subject was himself. Many times he said that he could only ever compose one sci-fi novel at a stretch, because otherwise the complexity and creativity would mix. But while he was composing an SF novel, I often mixed sciences, mysteries, history, religion, philosophy, and so on.

Worked on several scientific and other non-fiction novels simultaneously, as he said his fact and myth did not tended to mix. He specifically explained that he was enjoying several parallel write jobs, as he was sometimes getting tired of one. So, on the grandmaster's recommendation, you should find a good stop from which you can easily start again and then change your spotlight for a while.

Recently I moved the letter of Deathbringer (continuation of my sinister novel, the Necromancer) on the grounds that, first, it wasn't the one I wanted to do. Now that I am typing the Ark, I am happy that I did it. On a personal level, I would keep rewriting your partly finished novel (I only moved the Deathmaker after I wrote two chapters), but - important - I would note down your main idea for the Usherpator.

When you have so many other things, I get the zeal to write literature, but you have to oppose it and be patience. When you begin to write another volume while the first one isn't finished, it's very likely that you'll end up squandering all your work.

You' ve got to back off and think of the second one. But you can put down your thoughts and things, but don't loose your spot. Continue along the path you are already on and complete the work you have already written. Don't get into another novel until the first one is at least about to be released.

Suppose you have an immediate need to put down an ideas before you loose them? Before you start a new one, I don't think you have to complete a novel. Anyway, if you're inspired to type, that's all that counts. Each author has his own unique styles and processes of composition.

Indeed, if you start with something else, you will find that you will find an idea that will help the other one, even if the emphasis of the new work is different. While you are writing the new volume, take the opportunity to visit the first from case to case.

You' re thinking will evolve. It' has a way to connect points and find an idea. I' ve got to concentrate on my work. However, the switch of emphasis can lead to your separation from the other one. I' m myself at a raw point in the editing of my work and I have to stir my brains by doing other things.

Moving the spotlight between different objects is a way to lubricate the creativity wheel. Asimov once said that whenever he met the writer's blockage, he would simply stop and begin a new work. In the end, he ended up with over four hundred of them. You can, of course, compose two ledgers at the same epoch.

Try always to be in different time/levels to write your two volumes - will keep you more concentrated and should help prevent the temptation of recap. So I suggest that both should be really, very, very, exactly, different - similar to my comments above. However, the thing is that if your two ledgers are following similar routes, I think you will find it more and more hard to complete them in a satisfying way.

You' re gonna have to spend your days. It' a pretty big job to write two ledgers at the same and one that will take a lot of work. I can only say if you have the luxury of it. Sometimes I am reading two or three novels at the same times, i.e. one says when I relax on the sand, another at home and maybe another on a trip.

It' s completely different from reading a script, but I only stress that it can be done if you want to do two or three things at once. I have no doubts that some will write three or four or even more ledgers at the same one.

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