Want to Publish a Book

Wanna publish a book

Upload your manuscript as often as you like, with each upload overwriting the previous one. The publication of your book requires a lot of research, perseverance and patience, but it is worth seeing your work in print. Anyone who wants to stand out in the world of content must underline their competence. You were convinced the publisher was trying to steal the idea. You are a writer who wants to be an author?

Two hundred million Americans want to publish a book, but can they?

About 200 million Americans say they want to release a work, but the failure to participate in IBPA's Publishers University at BEA indicates a scandal. It is often said that bookshows are not a place for authors. However, what about a meeting specially organised to help authors with their publications?

In the words of Joseph Epstein, the novelist, "81 per cent of Americans think they have a novel in them - and should do so. Without those who want to and never do, and those who do but never release, we still see tens of thousands of people starving for the spotlight of literature. Given the latest publisher trend - the fact that self-published books have been overshadowed by a tradition of almost 2:1 - one would have expected the Independent Buch publishers Association's twenty-seventh edition university, a simultaneous meeting with BookExpo America at New York's Javits Center this weeks, with authors and editors in search of much-needed literacy schooling.

The 2011 event was attended by some 250 people, "mainly editors and some serious authors," Nathan commented. Then what I wanted to ask, but did not do because of a possibly erroneous feeling of decency, was: "Which artists do not take their publication seriously? Seated in self-released authors' guides ("Hands-on Guide to Market Fiction", "Editorial Basics", "Book Design that Gets Buzz" and more), I was horrified to see panellists ask the public to identity, and one or two timid palms stood up above the crowds.

It' s no simple matter to find out why humans do certain things, visit certain meetings and not others - this is how marketing scientists live well - but it still bothers me. The Publishing University this year was packed with precious information about working in the field, making a top of the line book and typing like a novelist that any self-published novelist would understand:

"There' re so many of us people who are willing to post themselves or post thoughts with little or no more than we would give for a dinner in a chic restaurant," says Cynthia Frank, freelance news adviser and editor at Cypress House, a small freelance news and books consultancy on the northern California state.

"Self-released titles are almost consistently poorly published," says Deb Werksman, a senior journalist and head of editing at Sourcebooks, the biggest independently managed women's publisher in the state. "Once a product looks self-published, people won't buy it," says Tom Dever of TLC Graphics and Narrow Gate in Austin, Texas, a company specializing in designing, producing and distributing the product.

Self-released works seem sensible to think they are self-published and, despite some reputational progress, mainly due to the movements appeal, still bear the slogan that they do, especially because the writers of these works do not take their aspirations seriously. The question is, "Why do so many think they can publish a script because so many third-rate works are going to be released today that make it pretty simple to publish a script", and thanks to self-publication everyone can do it.

DIY enthusiasts need training in the job they have taken on - they need a publisher's university - but they don't know, and they won't know until they do. If, as so many experts have predicted, the publication of books becomes truly self-publishing, the novel as a media can look to a bleak eras sooner than any self-respecting bibliophhile would like to acknowledge.

"It' s not so simple to make a good book," Werksman reminds her author-goers. DISCUSSION: Should the DIY movement learn traditional publishing techniques? People from all over the world contribute one-of-a-kind first-hand experiences to their work.

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