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The path is a little more challenging for people who want to become writers, poets and screenwriters. Don't worry, there are many young authors! Now if you want to write a book, even if you think you are still a little too young for it, then we have the article for you. Here are already some really good answers. The point is, you want to be a writer?

I am 15 years old and would like to become a writer. When I start and never end a story, I am overwhelmed with the feeling that despite what many people say it is shit. So what do you want me to do?

I' ll probably be more open than many others might be. There are three kinds of human beings when it comes to typing. The" Maybe I should start composing a book" group. Folks who wrote a brief history or three sections of a work because it was interesting.

because it' a feature of who they are. Well, as far as the typing is concerned, which is not perfect, allow me to tell you a little background story about myself. It was because authoring this material was what I was not supposed to do, what it was that made me a better author.

I' m not saying that I'm a great author, but I think that most of those who are reading my things would accept that I'm at least well-versed. Perhaps you would like to publish your story at the Critique Circle Online Writing Workshop to get your comments. Allow me to tell you one of the most irritating facts about getting the feedback: to have your mates or your loved ones, reading your material is uselessness!!!!!!!!

And if the individual who gives you your feed-back is not a novelist, they will say, "Yes, it was good," or something similar, which is as pointless as a bat.

Do you want to be a novelist? The JK Rowling hints can help you become an author.

They asked her about her way of writing, her coming books, her idea processes and so on. In her customary frank, winking way, she commented. Asked if she was planning her storyline before she started, one of the users said yes. In her letter: "I am planning a great deal. The layout of this novel consists of a large, complex, color-coded chart with all identifiers, with a" reference colored inks and a reference colored inks colored for herring.

Someone else said he disliked Microsoft Word and loved Scrivener and OmniOutliner. One of the other users asked: "What do you do when you are completely sure that you have made the right decisions in your work? Rowling answered it in a sensitive way. The most marvellous and terrible thing about it is that there will always be a page that is empty.

When asked if she was designing a graphic layout for her books, she answered that she was definitely doing it in tabular notation. Someone else asked if she ever lets herself be seduced by new thoughts before the novel is out. As she said: "Of course," followed by a quotation from William Faulkner-'All (writers) have not fulfilled our dreams of excellence.....

That' s why he keeps working and trying again; he always thinks he'll do it this one to make it. One of the users took the opportunity to ask her about the 4th part of the Cormoran White session, which has been awaited for a long while. As Rowling wrote: "Things are moving forward.

It turns out that the 4th in each of my shows must be the longest. It' almost not possible to speak about J.K. Rowling and for Harry Potter not to sneak in. One of the users announced his disgust for Dolores Umbridge, a bad guy from the Harry Potter game.

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