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" I Only Want to Be with You" is a rock and roll song by Mike Hawker and Ivor Raymonde. # I Only Want to Be With You von Dusty Springfield song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position. It' hard not to be dizzy when you meet someone you really connect with.

Only Want to Be with You

"Only Want to Be with You" is a skirt and roller song by Mike Hawker[1] and Ivor Raymonde. Dusty Springfield's début singles under her long-time production partner Johnny Franz, "I Only Want to Be with You", reached number 4 in the UK singles charts in January 1964.

The song's three sequels were British charts favourites, the first two from the Bay City Rollers (1976) and the Tourists (1979), which corresponded to the number 4 of the Dusty Springfield originals, while the 1989 Samantha Fox re-make was at number 16. I Only Want to Be with You" was a Top 40 song three time in the USA, with both the Dusty Springfield originally and the Bay City Rollers remaking climbing to 12th place and the Samantha Fox Make to 31st.

"Only Want to Be with You" was also performed by a number of performers, some of whom are singing the song with texts from the English album. Published in November 1963, three week after the Springfield's closing show, "I Only Want to Be With You" was a worldwide hit and reached #4 UK, #12 US, #6 Australia and #21 Canada.

Dusty Springfield was the second British invasion performer in the USA after the Beatles to reach number 77 on the Billboard charts in the last weekend of January 1964 (the Beatles reached number 69 with "She likes You" and number 3 with "I Want to Hold Your Hand").

Raymonde's arrangements are unmistakeable, with its unrelenting ticker-ticker beats, cascaded drums, full choir lineup and the Tower of Power horns section tuned against high-flying skirt music. The song entitled "Auf dir nur war' ich immer zu " was almost the same. This song was sung by Springfield in the first issue of BBC's Top of the Pops on January 1, 1964.

This song was re-released in 1988 as a 7" & 12" song (see info box cover). This was also presented as the title song for the satirical show Arliss, which ran on HBO from 1996 to 2002. The song was used as an overtone for the "Woman's Work" EP of The Handmaid's Tale in 2018, which Madeline Brewer sang as "Janine".

" I Only Want to Be with You" was taped by the Bay City Rollers for their 1976 record entitled in June and July 1976 at the Soundstage Studio in Toronto with Jimmy Ienner. The first Bay City scooter to be released under the patronage of Arista Records was dedicated, and it was Arista Chairman Clive Davis who proposed that the group re-release "I Only Want to Be with You".

" Ienner was selected by Davis to make the Bay City Rollers based on Ienner's work with raspberries. I Only Want to Be with You" was released in the USA as an early Dedication song in August 1976: In October the song hit a Billboard Hot 100 peak of number 12, surpassing number 28 of the previous Bay City Rollers rock and roll love letter without reaching the top ten hit of the group from 1975-1976 with "Saturday Night" and 1976 with "Money Honey".

"The outbreak of the US star "I Only Want to Be with You" seemed to be over, as their next three US singles were the Top 40: the group's forth US singles after "I Only Want to Be With You": Released as a non-album solo in the UK on September 3, 1976, "I Only Wanna Be with You" - as it was called - achieved number 4 UK, giving the Bay City Rollers a 10th and last top ten number.

"The Lonliest Man in the Lonliest Man in the World" (1979) "I Only Wanna Be with You" (1979) "So Good to Be Back Home Again" (1979) "The Lonliest Man in the World" (1979) "So Good to Be Back Home Again" (1979) "So Good to Be Back Home Again" (1979) Der Song wurde auch von The Tourists, einer Band mit Annie in singer.

It was used on a star assembly when Thames Television left the show in 1992. Luis Miguel, a Mexico vocalist, taped a song called " Ahora Te Puedes Marchar " ( " Now You Can Left "), the first solo from his Grammy-nominated 1987 recording Soy Como Quiero Ser, the first CD the vocalist had made under the WEA-brand.

34 ] This was a huge success, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks charts in 1987 for three non successive wards. Luis Miguel recorded this song on his 2005 Grandes Éxitos CDilation. 36 ] This release ranks 28th on the 1988 Hot Latin Tracks Year-End Charts.

Angélica Rivera filmed the first, while the second was danced in a small overpass. This song was used by TVNZ to advertise TV2 and the words in "Ich will nur mit 2 sein! "The song was also used as a sound track in the Greek comedy TV show "Tilempora" (TV Storm) on Mega Channel in 2004.

This song was shown in a John Lewis TV commercial that highlighted how the firm has been marketing electronics for many years. It was used in a beachwear ad for Boux Avenue in 2014. In the ad was Jamelia, who also performed the song, and the choir was modified to "I want to be with Boux".

Hope Russell-Winter shows a TV advertising ad for Dogs Trust, which started in February 2016, with "I Only Want to Be With You". It was also shown in an episode of "that 70's show" when Fez and Donna had sequences in which they claimed to meet. The Handmaid's Tale's song to her child in the clinic in Series 2, Feature 8.

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