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Download OpenOffice Writer, free and secure. Easily create and edit DOC files. Writer Free is a free word processor compatible with Microsoft Word doc and docx, with built-in free PDF converter, word count and spell checker. Someone who knew he wanted to be a writer since he was eight (surprise, it's me!).

So that you can concentrate on writing your ideas.

Writer Free 2013- Kingsoft Writer Free 2013- Digitizer, DOCX Compliant. Free Downloads

Free, reliable and quick text editor with a brandnew user experience and many new functions such as section navigation, drag & drop edit and new coversheet creation capabilities.

The Writer has added a Section Navigation tabs to the new user area. Use this page to organise and browse your branches and parts of your documents in segments. The Writer 2013 is fully compliant with all Microsoft Word 2007/2010 data types.

Entry Data Formats: Export files formats:

In WPS Writer, how do I make a table of contents?

Do you need a standard index for your WPS-documents? As in the following four stages, you will be able to generate a list of content in just a few moments! Select the location where you want to insert a directory. If you want to insert a page before the beginning of your documents, click on the Insert page button and then on Blank page.

Click the Start folder. Select the text you want to convert to a header and click Header 1, Header 2 or Header 3 on the lefthand side of the New Styles page. Right-click the headline 1-3 to change the styles. Header numbers are at the same structure levels: Category 3 is a sub-level of category 2, which is a sub-level of category 1.

The selection of the title number is dependent on how you want to organise your documents, you can also include titles when you write the documents. Generate a directory by clicking at the top of the page you are creating. Select the Reference page and click the Insert ToC icon. If necessary, change "Tab Leader" "Show Layers" and click OK.

An index is generated. In order to refresh the TOC, select the content, right-click it or F9 and select Refresh Field. Only the page numbers or the entire spreadsheet can be updated.

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