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You can convert the file into PDF format if you do not have a publisher. -X and I cannot open or edit the files in question. Online free document converter, Convert to PDF, PDF printer driver, Convert to image, PDF converter. You can find another online file conversion tool at

Some suggestions for converting these files would be.

Converting Publisher files to PDF

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To open the publisher files (.pub) on your iPad or iPhone

The Microsoft Publisher is an outstanding publication creation utility. It' not very common like Word or Excel, but it is used very often by everyone who has to be involved with publication. So if you work in a publisher business or often handle mailers, leaflets, calendars and similar documentation, you may sized files from occasion to occasion.

When you have Microsoft Publisher on your computer, you can open file with ease, but if not, it can get tricky. When you use a computer, you can always use the website to turn file into PDF. When you are an iPhone or iPad users, don't worry, there is a nice way for you too.

The latest version of our portable application allows you to files directly to PDF on your inbox. PDF is clearly viewable on any plattform and every machine, so you can view the PDF that someone has sent you without any problem. Browse to the application where the Publisher files are stored, e.g. it may be included in your e-mail.

Touch the desired image to open the Open in window. Select Publisher to PDF from the dropdown box. You will be notified when the new downloaded version is available. Then go to the application and the new PDF awaits you. So you don't have to buy; all you need may be to hold on a little while, as we have implemented converting snakes to keep up with all enquiries.

Premier (Lifetime) customers can always jump over the wait with a one-time $1.99 deposit.

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