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A beautiful bunch of twitter turns when I say it myself: a Twitter lecture on how not to spell a woman | B├╝cher

An essential thing about the feminine sex is that we don't really think about our tits. However, it seems that some masculine writers are not aware of this, as the young mature novelist Gwen Katz emphasised on Twitter this week-end, after one of the writers stressed that he was "living evidence that it is possible for a masculine novelist to create an authentically feminine protagonist".

It is not just a matter of making jokes about the "living proof" emphasized by Katz; no, he is only the youngest novelist who climbs the whole pile of masculine authors who allow themselves to be enthralled in the description of females, especially their tits. It is not the first that a man is summoned to such a thing, and to be frank with Katz's undisclosed husband, he is hardly the worse culprit.

Writer, note: Boobs are not autonomic and females are not surprised by masculine micturition. Guys shouldn't be afraid to spell it out - they just have to do well. At least make sure that straying boobs do not move by themselves.

Finegan Kruckemeyer - First part:'It can be beautiful to just type for the sake of writing' - genre, form and target group

He is a writer in a very particular way, writing theatre pieces that are staged in different parts of the world and with whom he likes to have conversations. I' m fine, thank you. From the south of Australia, where you are living and writing your music. We have been dealing with the concept of literary genres, such as poetry, history, picture-book.

Now, you compose in this very particular way. What is it that you mainly compose theatre pieces for? You think there is something peculiar that theatre pieces can do? Read a book and learn to like words in other ways. But, yes, pieces were the very nature for which my work seemed to be suitable.

I went to one of the week's studios and then a very kind movie-maker at one point in my whole lifetime, knew my passion for words. Spoke in this next show, instead of being there, why don't you just put it? Since then my carreer has developed like this.

Did you try to type in other ways? You have tried composing poems and essays besides your pieces? If you look at the work as it is in a screenplay, it is not too unlike a fictional work. I want you to rewrite it, rewrite it as a TV or cinematic work.

This is very interesting because one of the things we have said in this course is that it is a good notion to use a part of it in a novel or maybe even in a poetry, in different shapes in one piece, in a novel, also in other shapes.

I think that sometimes it can be an obstacle to the development of an concept, the possibility in this core to write and be powered by the needs of history itself. Then just looking back, okay, this is a piece I'm into. It is not only about typing, but also about genre.

Imagination, realism, history, and so on. I now know that you have for example composed a very succesful piece about pirates, but would you say that your subject matter suits a certain category? from real pieces or a mix? an author or an artists in general or even a person, it's beautiful to pushen yourself.

So, the mighty allegoric character of a magic realistic tale, which means that you are up against some fantastic ideas. able to see it for the allegoric reflexions of their own physical worlds. leaving the physical worlds behind, is not so much my pocket... allowed to dare to go where they need it.

Well, that felt like a good com-promise. Great. and a mix of shapes can often be very effective. Fin, a number of people attending this course are just starting to type and a first. One of their most likely issues is the decision whether they want to compose theatre pieces, tales, poems, etc. who tries to decide what to do?

It' s the attitude they have about the skill of storytelling and this variety that inspires me most about this beautiful hero of mine. This is also the first check mark for those who are just on their travels, are interested in the arts of storytelling and have devoted themselves to it.

At is easy to type and easy to type and it tends to be self sorting. Yes, we all seem to be following a very basic principle, which is the skill of the letter, which makes you a better author.

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