Very good Short Stories

Some very good short stories

That was a really good contribution. Those stories are fabulous. Really inspiring. We all have a story in our lives. Thinking the Elephant Rope (Faith) Out of the Box (Creative Thinking) The Group of Frogs (Encouragement) A Pound of Butter (Honesty) The Obstacle on Our Way (Opportunity) The Butterfly (Fights) Control Your Temperament (Anger) The Blind Girl (Change) Interesting Short Stories: The day was incredibly hot and a lion felt very hungry.

Includes 4 short stories that will alter your way of thinking

Allow me to take your mind off you for a second and tell you four short stories. Those are old stories - known stories. Every jogging at this pond, I see the same older lady seated by the shore with a small metallic box next to her. In a research study, a sea scientist placed a sharks in a large septic tanks and then discharged several small minnows.

Like you would think, the dogfish quickly floated around the pool, attacking and eating the smaller game. Afterwards, the sea scientist placed a large amount of clear fibreglass in the fuel cell and created two partition walls. Then she put the sharks on one side of the fibreglass and a new kit of lure on the other.

Again the dogfish quickly struck. However, this reef sharks hit the glass fibre splitter and rebounded. Unflinchingly, the sharks repeated this behaviour every few moments without success. Meanwhile, the lure was swimming around intact in the second partitions. Finally, about an hours after the experiments, the sharks gave up.

Every now and then the sharks became less violent and made less efforts to assault the lure until the sharks finally got fatigued to hit the fibreglass splitter and just stop it. Afterwards, the sea scientist took out the glass fibre splitter, but the sharks did not strike. Sharks are designed to believe that there is a wall between them and the lure so that the lure swims where it wants, free of damage.

When I woke up, I thought about the amount of quality work we had done together and all the decisions in our life that made this possible.

Twelve Forceful and Inspiring Short Stories | Spirituality

As the other scroungers saw how far down the mine was, they said to the two scroungers that there was no longer any chance of them having them. They had been hearing the sound of the worm, and the worm said that it was numb and that it thought they were encouraging all the while. The moral of the story: Then, one of these days, the bread maker chose to rock the butters to see if he got exactly the amount he had asked for.

The moral of the story: During antiquity, a monarch had his men lay a rock on a road. Then he hid in the shrubs and observed if someone would remove the stumble. As he approached the rock, the farmer put down his load and tried to remove the rock.

When the farmer went back to get his vegetable, he saw a wallet in the street where the rock had been. There were many pieces of money in the wallet and a piece of paper from the king declaring that the money was intended for the man who had taken the stone off the carriage. The moral of the story:

There was once a man who found a little boy who began to slip out of his chrysalis. Sitting down, he observed the little bird for a few hour as it squeezed through a small opening. So the man chose to help the little butcher. Butterflies then appeared slightly, although they had a puffy structure and small, shrivelled-wing.

But the man thought nothing of it, and he was sitting there awaiting the wing enlargement to help the larva. Butterflies spend the remainder of their lives incapable of flight and crawled around with small leaves and a swelling bod. In spite of the man's kindhearted nature, he did not realize that the restrictive chrysalis and the fight the moths needed to get through the small opening were God's way of draining liquid from the butterfly's torso into its wing to get ready to flight as soon as it was free.

The moral of the story: We never thrive and become strong without fighting, so it is important that we face the challenge alone and do not always depend on the help of others. The moral of the story: A while ago, a man was punishing his little girl for squandering a spool of golden giftwrap.

Your dad kept the golden carton by his bedside for many years, and when he felt down, he would take out an fictional kisses and recall the baby she had placed there. The moral of the story: The moral of the story: And then one night he made up his mind to tell them a gag, and they all laughed.

A few moments later he was telling them the same gag and only a few of them smile. And then he made the same gag for the third and no one was laughing or smiling anymore. The moral of the story: Worries don't resolve your issues, it will just save your precious resources.

The morale of the story: The weather was unbelievably warm and a Leo felt very starving. The morale of the story: The morale of the story: The morale of the story:

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