Vanity Publishers List

Publishers Vanity list

This vanity publishers are in the business of selling overpriced services and packages and exploiting on naive and unsuspecting writers and authors. That would eliminate all vanity and subsidy publications. Publisher Weekly adds two vanity publishers to its list of fast paced independent presses.

Publishers Weekly's yearly review of fast-growing freelance publishers once again includes not only cutting-edge indices, but also publishers whose businesses are largely based on royalties: and Austin Macauley. Nevertheless, MJP states that" [will] not charge a publication fee, hide or otherwise. "MJP has created PW's rapidly expanding list of industry publishers several additional to this year, among them 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2008 (when another pay-to-play publishers, the Greenleaf Book Group, was also introduced).

I' ve already wrote about Austin Macauley before - and I'm not the only one: others have also asked AM about its businessplan. The AM pays off as a "hybrid" publisher* and announces on its website that it provides "contributory" policies. But it presents itself as an "innovative, autonomous specialist publisher" and states: "We consider every new script with the aim of providing a traditionally principalstream one.

" In this way, the writers are encouraged to assume that they have a good opportunity for a good tradition. However, Writer Beware has been hearing of only four writers who were given agreements that they did not have to buy, while we have had over 60 stories from writers who have been given paid for. This appears to be only a small percentage of those who have registered with AM; however, the ratio of toll-free to toll offerings indicates that the majority of AM's operations are fee-based.

While there are variations in the justification for proposing "contributory" agreements (new writer cannot take the risks; previously released writer, not sufficiently successful), it is clearly cut-and-paste, where whole paragraphs are literally used in several characters. There are many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many authors testimonials about Austin Macauley's fee structure available to you.

The AM is on the list of thumbs down, and the Alliance of Independent Author' gives AM advice with a big name. contains several one-star feedbacks from AM's existing and former employees with news items such as "Exploitative and Irrational" and "Not a Real Publisher". "PW's appreciation will give AM a serious PR push and undoubtedly involve many more unaware writers.

However, given the very large amount of on-line information to help Austin Macauley's solar assertions about himself, PW appears to have failed to exercise due care in adding AM to its list of years. Whilst these are desperately needed in the Wild West worlds of stand-alone printing machines, they also show how easy it is for a disingenuous vanity publishing house to present itself as a legit hybrids just by making statements about its own line of work.

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