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The Introduction to Creative Writing is a very interactive course where students work with other students and the teacher to create their own creative voices. The aim of the course is to encourage students to develop their creative and critical potential. The course consists of supervised exercises, tutorials and seminar discussions. A Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing & Poetics at the University of Washington Bothell (UW Bothell) helps everyone. He is a member of UW English Department.

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English Department | Creative Writing Program

The Creative Writing Program, established in 1947 by Theodore Roethke, carries on the traditions of transformational workshop with our present faculty: These are David Bosworth, David Crouse, Rae Paris, David Shields and Maya Sonenberg (prose) as well as Linda Bierds, Andrew Feld, Richard Kenney and Pimone Triplett (poetry). Her numerous honorary scholarships have included the MacArthur Foundation, the Guggenheim Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts. 2.

This programme was one of the country's top ten. There are only ten to twelve enrolled each year. Our relatively small programme (20-25 students) enables us to work closely with each other. During the first year we will participate in a series of literature workshop and seminar sessions, and during the second year we will be able to concentrate on a creative script and a critically reviewed essays under the direction of one of our faculties.

They are financed through assistant positions, fellowships and a long-standing partnership with Amazon Literature. Seattle's vibrant literature and art scenes are also enjoyed by the student. In Seattle there are a number of readings, the Seattle International Film Festival and many much praised theatres. Seattle is only a few walking, ski and boat ride away, set in stunning countryside.

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Creative Writing Option | Department of German and French

This bachelor's programme in English with a focus on Creative Writing offers a series of creative writing classes in verses, stories, novels and creative non-fiction books or expositories combined with a broad, historic and in-depth introductory course to the British, United States and, to an increasing extent, English-speaking literary circles around the worl. The English classes explore the structure, history, society and aesthetics of English.

Writing, analytic and research abilities, and an extended view of the globe are among the major achievements that can be expected and that can be used in a variety of career areas. Candidates for the "Creative Writing" feature must have already registered the English language or be entitled to register it:

Majoring in language and literature. Creative Writing Options are open in the fall, as well as in the fall, as well as in the fall and early season. Please submit your application to the Creative Writing B-25 Padelford by 4:00 pm on the third Friday of the third trimester. Creative writing resumes will not be considered in the third trimester. Conditions of participation: You have already enrolled in or are willing to enroll in the main programme; you have ENGL 283 (beginning writing) and ENGL 284 (beginning writing in brief ) or equivalent.

Send two sentences of the following submission documents by 4:00 pm on the third Friday of the fall, winters or springs (no submissions are acceptable in summer): 1st Undergraduate Creative Writing Options Program (PDF)(two copies)Transcripts for all finished collegiate work, both at the UW and elsewhere (these are extra sentences of scripts, separated from the scripts you submitted as part of your submission for the Major):

One Writing Samples (two copies) of 3-5 verses and 5-10 pages of literature (preferably a full story), twice the distance: Admissions applications are primarily made on the basis of the students' writing patterns - marks and gifted polyphysics are generally out of the question. Admissions will be sent to candidates by e-mail, usually within two week after the closing date for applications.

Fulfilment of the above conditions does not warrant approval. Those who are not admitted to Creative Writing will still study main subject and will be able to meet the prerequisites for the Literary BA in full. You can reapply for the Creative Writing Options, but if you are refused entry, you must either finish your literary studies or choose another course in another area.

If you have adopted the Creative Writing main subject English in autumn 2013 and later. For Creative Writing options in spring 2013 or sooner, please read the older requirements. Candidates for ENGL 283 (Beginning Verse Writing) et ENGL 284 (Beginning Short Story Writing) : 10 crédits. In order to be admitted to the Creative Writing Options, both classes (or equivalent ) must be complete.

Core of English literature: 10 Commendations. Elective subjects English Literature: Theoretical and Historical 15 Points (from the list). Craft of verses ENGL 383 and prose ENGL 384: 10 points. Each course must be complete before participants can join the 400-step workshop. Proven 400-step creative writing courses:

Ten counts. Pre-1900 literature: Limitation of ENGLredit to 200 levels: Only 5 ENGLs out of 200 levels beyond the requested levels (ENGL 202, 283 and 284) can be used for the course: all other ENGLs must be completed at 300 or 400 levels. In all UW ENGL classes, all main subjects in England must have a GPA of at least 2.00.

A minimum of 25 ENGL accreditations for the English Majors must be earned at UW Seattle. Please contact English Undergraduate Advising for support with your plan.

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