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Relying on these directories to find literary agents at the United Talent Agency (UTA) will hurt your chances of getting an agent to represent you. The United Talent Agency (UTA) - About us The United Talent Agency's ((UTA's), formerly The Agency Group) literature division, based in New York and London, brings together a wide range of writers, reporters, musicians, performers, star cooks, thought leadership, corporate and popular cultural labels. It has taken an unprecedented and groundbreaking step in the creation and presentation of contents by placing titles with all large publishers and has been exceptionally effective in the creation of titles across various media formats.

Marc Gerald (Senior Vice President - Innovation), who is headquartered in New York, joined The Agency Group after several years of working for Fox Television. She began her publisher careers at HarperCollins in 2008 after having read Cambridge story and became an agent in 2011.

She is a bestseller listing of literature and non-fiction composers and has had considerable recent acclaim with the very famous Jessie Burton and James Oswald. Please fill in your details in the box on the right to get FREE access to the bibliography Agents? Once you have entered your name and e-mail on the right, you can view the full profile of all Frahlinguren of the United Talent Agencies (UTA) (and any other Frahlingur).

Example of a folder listing: Receive FREE ACCOUNT to all United Talent Agency (UTA) profile! For the most detailed information on Frahlingen from the United Talent Agency (UTA), sign up now for FREE immediate citations from Agents? Once you have registered, you will have immediate acces to the following information:

The majority of literary agencies' catalogues (print and online) are obsolete, imperfect and full of errors. Relying on these lists to find literary agents at the United Talent Agencies (UTA) will offend your odds of getting an agents to oversee you. Now scroll up to type in your name and e-mail address.... for FREE information and offers for all United Talent Agents (UTA).

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