Using pages to Write a Book

Use pages to write a book

Select File > Export to > EPUB. Enter the title and author. Select the type of cover for your EPUB book.

Select the desired layout style. In Advanced Options, select a primary category and language for your book.

Innovative Pages Templates

I like Scrivener for authoring, but I wouldn't use it to make a book. It is a great application, but it is not a lay-out application, it is a script. I would use InDesign or Quark Xpress for the layouts and that's what most professionals would use (some may have an old version of Framemaker, but it's unlikely because it's so old).

In my own personal opinion, most writers just write the book with their favourite text editor (unfortunately it is often Word) and when it's ready to be published, they give the publishing house (or a designer) the book and take the book from it and upload it into a lay-out application and create the look and feel of the book (font sizes, line pitch, etc.).

Composing a book is quite complex, especially if you're not used to it. However, there are more complex things to know when compiling a book. Stuff like crawling, impositioning, not to speak of how to compute the back gauge on the basis of the number of pages and the mass of your papers to use (not simple if you're not used to it).

Usually the operator takes charge of crawling and impositioning the pages, but in some cases you need to be conscious of this when you design the book. When you do it more for yourself, you don't have to be so concerned about crawling, but it can be difficult to see the sides in the center according to thicknesses.

Impositioning will be simpler because you are not actually using a printer (it won't be simple, but it will be simpler).

Publicise your book in pages

It' great to learn from other Pages people who have successfully used the program to perform projects larger than home or work. I Work in Pages reported by a reader: Last year I released a book with pages on my own, and it came out great, in my opinion the pros can differ.

Colour has now entered the premonition of my book and you have given the answer. More about Kevin's book on (picture of the bookback, right). Browse Kevin's Kevin's diary on You can find step-by-step instructions for publishing houses using Pages here. I' d be happy to hear from anyone who's posted to Magcloud or other content management software vendors.

Kevin Cullis would like to wish I Work in Pages every possible succes with its book project and welcome comments from other people. If you are interested in a book for Pages, please see a previous paper "Compiling a Book in Pages".

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