Using Book Creator in the Classroom

Use of the Book Creator in the classroom

With technology a "All about me! Generate non-fiction books about animals in Book Creator. Find out how Book Creator can be used to publish student projects in science. If a teacher starts with an iPad app and masters it first, it would be Book Creator hands down! To download the instructions for using Book Creator in PDF format, click Create iBooks with Book Creator.

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These guidelines are full of inspiring and creative suggestions for you and your pupils. Drawing on her extensive practical experiences, Karen exemplifies all her thoughts with practical experiences. Or if you would rather sit down and browse this book, it is also available from the iBooks Store.

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Why not bring this tendency to high schools? To this end, we turned to Michael Hernandez, an award-winning high scholastic movie and magazine instructor in Los Angeles, whose work is focused on the issues of online story-telling, audio-visual skills and corporate citizenship. Samples and hands-on advice help to put the emphasis on the syllabus and the redesign of the classroom.

Now you can browse it on-line, view the author's introductory videos, and hear Michael's own reflexions on every topic in the book. Simply open the book below.

Use of Book Creator for the web in primary school

I' m very pleased with how well it' s worked for me so far, it's virtually the same as the iPhone application, but the pupils log in with their Google Accounts and type in a unique key that connects their accounts to the teacher's libraries. All of the textbooks created by your pupils are displayed in your local collection.

Pupils only see the textbooks they make in their own libraries. I' m so thrilled to use this utility on schoolchildren. The disciple could create: This is a fast Facebook livecam I've made of this web too if you want to see it in action:

I' ve told you on Facebook that Monica Burns of Class Tech Tips is hosting a FREE online Book Creator tutorial on August 30. Please click HERE to register! I look forward to participating in this seminar to find out more about this amazing resource. I' ve been told, for example, that there could be a collaboration function, but I haven't seen how several persons could work on a book.

This is one of many issues I will bring to the web seminar. That something you can use with your pupils to produce your own digitized book?

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