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Award-winning, independent book publisher It is one of the 101 largest US publishers independently selected by and has been included five time in Publishers Weekly's most rapidly expanding lists. President and editor Todd Bottorff was introduced on the Publishers' Weekly front page in March 2009 after being added to the most rapidly expanding publishing group.

Turner is based in Nashville, TN and has been active since 1984 and currently releases 5,000 books. We have a wide range of books in the field of literature and non-fiction, among them businesses, young adults, story, romanticism, mystery, cookery, healthcare & spa, and more. Turners is expanding its publications by purchasing cutting-edge contents from both new and current writers around the world.

The Turner book is currently on sale in over 55 different markets and continues to expand. Turners produces novels in a variety of genres and sizes - literature and non-fiction. Wherever a book is on sale, our works are available to the public: The Barnes & Noble, Amazon, retail outlets, specialist dealers, giftshops and exclusive independant bookshops throughout the country.

The Turner ebook is available at the Apple iPhone Store, Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Corner.

An independent book publisher

We are still astonished, because publishing is a wonderful industry. Seeing a work unfurl, how it finds its public and its own lives in the hand of a readers is an amazingly wondrous affair. We' re a small, very independant publisher based here in El Paso, Texas, not three leagues from the Mexican border.

We' re going to a new place with every single one. Every one of these volumes introduces us to an unforeseen terrain of intellect. They are places we might never have seen without the provocations of new literature and the bookshop. Publishing is like authoring an organical procedure. It is not exactly what the text becomes when we see it for the first time in the script, but in giving and taking between us and the writer, and when it becomes something new, different and wonderful through our own hand as writers and through the hand of the person with whom we work, who translates or creates or illustrates the text", a real teamwork.

We' re coming into publishing as authors. The manuscript is really interesting for us when the letter is astonishing or the writer's vote is singular or the text opens a gate into a civilization or a nation that has not been opened before. So many good editors are understanding the education needs of the child and which child should learn at what ages, but this is not how we do it.

Since we are so concerned with the textbooks we are publishing, for us they are BOOOKS, not just articles. The first three booksâ "Dagoberto GilbâsWinners on the Pass Line; Joe Somozaâschapbook Backyard Poems; and Joe HayesâLa Llorona, The Weeping Woman, our best-selling of all timeâ "established a copy of how we should be growing.

All these writers were dear companions, they had these three beautiful works, everyone was very kind to us to trust. It was our desire to become a publisher, whatever that was then. While our early unawareness of publishing was not happiness, it was translated into virginity and vigour and curiosity.

From these first three volumes we have released almost 130 volumes, each with its own history. In 2004 our boy John, who was raised for us, came home from Austin to work with us. It is marketed to retailers through the consortium Book Sale and Distributions, which is now held by Perseus.

There is not enough good we can say about Consortium, about the folks we work with, about their professionality and passion for our textbooks, and about everything we have learnt by connecting with so many like-minded independent editors through Consortium. Recognizing our importance as a vote for this area and our dedication to literary work, the Lannan Foundation has awarded us Cultural Freedom Fellowships and an American Book Award for outstanding publishing achievements.

We have five publishing scholarships from the Texas Commission for theArts and three similar scholarships from the Texas Commission for the Artworks. Over the years, the Border RLB Association has awarded the CPP not only the Southwest Book Award for many of our titles, but also a Southwest Book Award in 1993 for excellence in the nationwide appreciation of our area.

The Fideicomiso par la Cultura de México y Estados Unidos (jointly funded by the Belles Artes and the Rockefeller Foundation) has also awarded us two scholarships.

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