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StatShot Report of US publisher quotes fifth year with double-digit audio book growth in 2017

StatShot's Association of StatShot Publishers cited the 29. 7 per cent increase in audio book sales compared to 2016, despite an overall stagnation in publishing sales in 2017. Subsequent to its disclosure on May 9, 2017 dates from the StatShot tracking programme, the Association of American Publishers AAP reports that total turnover for US publishers was at US$14. 7 billion in 2017-a $57. 5 million, or 0. 4 per cent, increase from 2016.

A number of classes that had decreased in 2016 recovered in 2017, among them adults' literature, academic textbooks and textbooks. A $96 million (1. 3 percent) rise is quoted in commercial consumers ledgers, fetching this area to $7. 6 billion in 2017. These changes are seen as centred in adults' textbooks, where there was a 3 per cent uptake.

According to MAP, the adults' book categories account for more than 65 per cent of the turnover in retail bookselling. Numbers shown in Statisticshot are referred to as "net revenues of publishing houses in the USA". Over 1,5000 publishers are to transmit their information directly to it. As an extended look at the top production routes, today and in the course of the past year, Analytik Jena will present its stat shot business reports, "which include reports from other publishers and information on distribution and channels".

With regard to the trend, the US Publishers Federation lists three important findings, beginning with a fifth year of audioboost: the number of recordings is growing: E-Book sales were seen to fall for a third year by 4. 7 per cent. This is a much lower drop than in previous years - in 2015 and 2016, the e-Books segment of the German Stock Exchange recorded double-digit regression.

The report from regional newspapers was an exceptional case, with an increased turnover in e-books. The revenues of the university publishers are said to have remained unchanged in 2017 (an rise of only 0.2 percent). Marisa Bluestone by OAAP offers some interesting observations on pedagogical, technical and scientific publishing: The fundamentally low level of teaching material in 2017 (in contrast to earlier declines) was "primarily due to a decline in returns", which had an impact of 20 per cent.

6% less than in 2016. PREC-12 teaching material decreased by 3. 6 per cent in 2017, as against 2016. Sales of PreK-6 publications fell by 12. for 6-12 titles rose by 10 per cent. 2%, with the increase stemming from the adoptive states. In 2017, after two years of decline, both academic publishers (up 5.3 percent) and textbooks (up 8.4 percent) recorded increases in the fields of economics, medicine, legal, science and technology.

Same as always, the CAP makes clear that the net income of the publishers is recorded by the federation on a month-by-month basis and contains the sale figures of more than 1,200 publishers. The StatShot quarterly reports contain reports from other publishers and information on volumes and distribution channel.

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