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The Urban Fiction Publisher

Books on Urban - Urban Literature - Urban Renaissance - Urban Soul - Vibe Street Lit. The company is one of the first major publishers of urban fiction books. At the moment Wahida Clark Presents Publishing is looking for authors in the following genres: Discount for recognized urban fiction publishers. Hip-Hop Fiction, Street Fiction, Gangsta Lit, Ghetto Lit or Drama Lit.

Own book publishers you should know

Each year, tens of thousands of new works are produced and most of them are edited by literary publishers. Out of these, several hundred are publishing houses, some of which are Blacks-in other words, they are in the hands of afroamerican businessmen and usually publish for afroamerican people.

There are seven of the best publishers of dark books: One - Amber Books: Located in Phoenix, it is the biggest African-American publishers of self-help textbooks and musical bibliographies. 2 - Classic Press: Established in 1978, it is dedicated to the publication of arcane and important works by and about Africans.

Founded in 2016, the publisher produces e-books for Afro-Americans and other minorities. They all cost $3 or less and can be immediately downloadable to your computer, tablet or smartphone. 4 - Third World Press: The Third World Press offers high calibre reading that concentrates primarily on topics, subjects and criticism relating to an African-American audience.

Your task is to make this book available to as many people as possible, as well as our target audience of mainly African-American people. 5 - Three-column publications: It is one of the first large publishers of urban fiction textbooks. Vickie Stringer, its creator and chief executive officer, is the bestselling writer and world-renowned publishing house.

Six - Smiley Books: SmileyBooks, a general publishers specializing in high-quality non-fiction literature, was established in 2004 by pioneering medias Tavis Smiley as a co-publishing game with Hay House Inc. BONUS: Who's Who Publishing: You can't have a blacklisted publishers without naming this astonishing name.

Established in 1989 by businessman C. Sunny Martin, this business publishes every year tens of thousand textbooks that emphasize the benefits of the African -Americans, Latinos and members of the GLBT group.

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