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Would you like to know more about the publication of city books? Urban Book Series is a resource for urban and geographic research worldwide. Black Pearl Books Robs Eric Myriekes. Besides research articles Urban Studies publishes a regular series of special issues as well as critical commentaries and book reviews. Urban Fiction Verlag - Luxury Tax - Mad Maxxx:

TownEdge is a small publisher that works like a closely connected large group.

TownEdge is a small publisher that works like a closely connected large group. Each of our writers supports the other, we put communications first, and we always live our many-sidedness. The writers of our book present a wide range of experience, background and interests - that's what makes us special; what unites them is a great love for what they do.

With UrbanEdge it's not just about modern rhetoric, urban fi lm or non-fiction. Instead, we would rather say that it's about the book trade - good book - life-changing work. With almost 10 years of experience in the publishers sector, the UrbanEdge staff knows how important it is to evolve over time!

Having spent several month examining the contributions and inquiries submitted, we have chosen to take some steps that will enable us to better address the needs of the writers we work with. UrbaneEdge began as a small wome-run publisher, and we will be. We will keep flowing into writers we believe are good business associates.

While there are no charges associated with conventional publication, writers should hire a serious journalist for the publication before they submit it to a publishers. The UrbanEdge Digital is still part of our classic models, but without the book. We call our latest product, Publicise Your Way, Hybrids Pub.

This allows writers who want to do their own publication to do so with the help of a publisher who has been studying the trade for years. Traditionally, digitally or published Your Way, the central theme is partnerships. Writers are engaged in every stage of the creative development chain, from the selection of the designs to the final concept.

Every single working days we strive to create a firm basis in the publisher's community so that we will still be here in 10, 20, 30, 40 years.

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