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Book description is one of the most important parts of uploading your books to Amazon. The majority of authors do not understand the power of book description. Send the right message about what your book is about. Set up an Amazon KDP account, upload your book and set the price. When you' re not in KDP Select, you can start uploading your books today.

I' ve got my Amazon literature. Is PublishDrive available for distribution? - publishdrive

When you' re not in KDP Choose, you can begin your upload today. Conversion of your eBook files into a legal epoxy is required. When you have your Kindle sized guide, you can also try a free conversion tool such as Calibre. When you have your textbooks you can choose which shops you want to go to.

To go directly to Amazon, turn it off under "Stores and Imprints". Otherwise, you must download your copy from Amazon and reship it through us. Simply submit your ASIN to keep your ratings. Do you have KDP Select or Kindle Unlimited (KU) with you?

If this is the case, you must stop the automated re-registration and start uploading your book after 90 working nights. The KDP Select is an exclusivity contract and you cannot go to another reseller if you are registered.

Getting your own eBook published on Amazon CreateSpace step-by-step

The publication of a work is an interesting undertaking, and the Amazon website enables writers to produce their own pocket and eBooks and audio-visuals. Launch the member dashboard and click on "Add new title". Enter the name of your subproject, e.g. the working or end name of your work. Before submitting your manuscripts and covers for consideration, you can modify your work anytime.

Include your name and subtitles. Tip: If you insert your caption into the caption area, you do not need to insert a colon (:). Include your first and last name. Include contributors such as the illustrators of your pictures. You can also validate your sales or licensing commitments, e.g. the illuminator receives a zero percentage license fee.

You cannot change the release date after you have submitted your work.

The International Standard Books Number (ISBN) is a clear numerical trading account number. Please download your textbook as zip, dvd, docx oder retf to get a sneak peek. When you need help with your interiors format, you can employ a freelance designer at Fiverr or Upwork. Trimming relates to the positioning of the pictures in your text.

When you don't want a border around the outer border of each page with an additional picture, you need to size your pictures with additional variation and choose a cropping options. In a few seconds you can check the inside of your books. Usually I get the same three problems with picture qualitiy, font embedding and removing non-printable markups.

You can also order a hard copy before and after your purchase. Check each page of your text by click on the arrows tabs. You can also resubmit your script to redo this procedure. Select matt or gloss and load up a print-ready PDF file of your album.

Clients rate the binding, so it's a good choice to create a binding yourself or engage a freelance. Building your own on-line artwork options results in a less than normal and more than generous one. That camouflage can be a little bit fiddly. You can open the PDF or PNG files for the paper back artwork in your photo editor, e.g. Adobe Illustrator.

Use your photo editor to make a new level. Use this level as the default level for your designs. Customize your covers at the artwork level by using the PDF or PNG templates as the master level. Make sure that text and pictures to be scanned do not appear in the rose areas of the original.

Avoid placing important pictures or text to be scanned in the place of the bar code. *CreateSpace suggests that you fill this area with your wallpaper colour or your theme. When your draft is ready, you must disable the master level so that it is not reprinted on your end products or refused during the verification procedure.

Reduce all levels, store the PDF in print resolution and load the document from your create space accoun. Verify your information and hand in your data for verification. CreationSpace will verify and approve/reject your eBook within two to four workdays. Determine your inventory prices and charge your license fees for each distribution and production site.

Case finish: a copy of matt and shiny finishing touches. Enter your descriptive text. It is recommended to copy and paste your descriptions from a Microsoft Office docum. BISAC (Book Standards and Communications) classes are used by the bookselling sector to classify and group works by thematic area.

Select the BISAC type that best suits your work. Up to five key words or title words, each with a limit of 25 chars, related to your work. Tip: Type words and title that could be associated with your eBook, but don't include topics. I have chosen "Value Investing", "Investing 101" and so on for my eBook for example.

I' m leaving out my writer bio and adding one on Amazon Authors Central. I' m releasing on Kindle separate via Kindle Direct Publisher, but you have the option. Boost your revenue by releasing an e-book and audio-visual. Clients like having an option and want to hear your books. A benefit of releasing your pocket books through KDP is that you can include additional key words.

You can use an Authors Profiles to allow you to attach your title to a single page that will appear in your results.

As soon as your creator profiles are in place, Amazon will no longer delete them upon your inquiry.

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