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Here is our video on how to upload and publish your book on Amazon Kindle. If you have changed the grammar, format and content of your fiction book, however, you can mark your new upload as a second or third edition. Cover your book. An eBook should also have a cover, although it is not required. Use CreateSpace doesn't help much, so you need to use a competitor like Lulu.

To create your Amazon book and author pages

There is a lot of work to be done on Amazon.com. The whole book creation procedure on Amazon.com has been compared to chopping through a rainforest with a machete. What's that? You would deliberation Amazon would go out of its way to kind doomed that self-published maker can readily updated their product message and their maker biography to maximise their possibility; ultimately, product selling enhance Amazon's end mark as excavation as an maker.

Instead, Amazon has decided to raise obstacles and mysteries, making the encounter more like figuring out the way out of one of these beloved escape room mysteries than releasing a book. After that' said, here are some hints to maximize the setup of your book on Amazon.com, a necessary nuisance for self-manufacturers.

When you select CreateSpace as your print-on-demand supplier, your book will appear on Amazon but only with the short book descriptions and biography you typed on CreateSpace when you were uploading your book into it. The same if you use IngramSpark for print-on-demand, except that it takes longer for your song to appear on Amazon.

But you can do much more with your book page. Maybe you didn't feel very inspire when you posted your initial book title on CreateSpace and now you're pinned down, or your back text doesn't really work for an Amazon page. But you can edit your book and resume and post your review in the Editorial Review section.

Post as much information as possible on your site! You' ll never find a shortcut to Authors Central on Amazon or in your Amazon bankroll. Don't be wasting your precious little cloth-- Use your Amazon.com username and your Amazon.com passwords to login. Please click on "Books" to see your name.

If you click on the book name, you will be taken to the page where you can refresh the book descriptions, etc. There is no authoring centre if you are in Canada. You' ll need to create your book on Amazon.com first. You will see a magical book later on the Amazon websites for other lands, including your authors page and Look Inside if you have it up.

Tip: Review your book page as soon as your book is published on Amazon.com, because this is the information used for every other land and there doesn't seem to be any way to do that. Sign in with your Amazon username and passcode. Then click Authors Profile to refresh your authors page with your picture, biography, your blogseed and your video.

Note: Upgrading your authors page is a "must". "If you don't go to the Authors Center and refresh your authors page, you just don't have one, and that's too good. One more tip: Make sure that you type in your name for your book and your Kindle book exactly the same, otherwise you will have two different persons at Amazon.

Tip: Ask your book creator to create the Kindle book and submit it to you. Don't try it alone. To login, use your Amazon.com username and passcode. For a quick guide on how to get you up and running with Kindle Direct Publishing, click here.

However, be sure to input your Kindle book and writer data separate from your printed book so that you can easily make errors, such as typing in a variant of your book name or a slightly different name ( "forget your mean initial" so that your Kindle name is different from the printed version).

This information must be accurate so that Kindle can correspond with your Kindle and publish your book for viewing on your book page and authors page. Kinddle makes his own copy of "look inside", so don't fret. Tip: Do not buy an SBN for your Kindle book. Ignoring your Amazon ISSBN.

Whereas you need to purchase a seperate ISBN for the ePub you upload to IngramSpark or resell yourself, Amazon will give your Kindle release its own Amazon Standard Identifier number free of charge. I' m really trying not to get too snoarky in this pole and be as instructive as possible, but I have to say that there is a lasting indentation in my brow from tapping it on my desktop while getting this property on.

When you don't activate Look Inside, you won't be one of the fun-loving children and your clients will want to see what they're buy. Don't be enticed to do what it says and just upload your file. Just e-mail them at the following e-mail box and let them know you want to make Look Inside your book.

Provide them with the links to your book page. They' ll provide you with a shortcut and password to open or approve another bank or any other point where you can upload your document, and at some point they'll let you know it's okay. All you have to do is submit a single email (PDF), share a bunch of e-mails, and at some point your Look Inside will be on.

Note: You need a neat PDF from your book designers, one without trims or the" draft" logo, which contains the front and back in the correct place in the book (i.e. at the beginning and end). The book designers will know what to do. If you do not have a full-featured Adobe Acrobat software, you cannot modify your book to include the covers.

One more tip: The e-mail you use to submit your first Look Inside request to Amazon MUST be the same as the e-mail you use for your Amazon user name. An award is given to the writer who generated the most e-mails. Another tip: "Look Inside" updates your book page on all other Amazon pages worldwidely.

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