Upload Poetry

Poetry upload

Place a collection of your poets in a small eBook and upload it to Kindle. Hold the upload window open until the upload is complete. Savour original contemporary poetry about the human condition of poets worldwide.

Uploading videos

See how you can enter a Junior Online Final or Online Qualifier game. Footsteps: Select a price flow. Fill in all mandatory information. Please upload the student's autographed consent sheet. Make sure you upload the right movie. Hold the upload dialog open until the upload is completed. When your language institute participates in more than one competition, please redo step 1-8 for each participant.

YouTube is used by our system to upload your own movies, but do not upload your own movies directly to YouTube. You can upload it by following the above instructions. YouTube recommends that you adhere to its policies to make sure your movie is handled correctly. The duration of the upload depends on the performance of your web browser and the file sizes of your upload.

Compress your movies before you upload them. Please be aware after you upload that YouTube may take some amount of your upload to edit your music. When the upload is completed, click "View" to make sure the movie is played back properly and linked to the right poetry name. The National Finals in English Stream or French Stream ask a seniors pupil to remember and write a third one.

In a year, a pupil may only take part in one group.

Evaluate Poems - Get an audiences, be an audiences!

Above all, most verses long to have an audiences for their work. You want to study your script "out there" for the whole wide globe. However, in order to welcome an public, all verses must make their contribution. So the simplest way to do this is to write poetry by other authors.

If you want to step in, click on "Start Ratinypoems Now"! Vote for poems: Attract an audiences, be an audiences! If you upload a poetry to your account, you can get reviews and commentaries from other poet. In addition, each member can evaluate and annotate the poetry of other members. As more poetry you vote for, the faster you will advance to the ranking list.

You' ll raise the awareness and amount of music your poetry has. So being proactive gives poet a say, gives feed-back, reward commitment and improve your chance of competing or taking on a monetary one. The members who evaluate more poetry will see their own poetry on the home page. Each member can cast his or her own opinion once per work.

If you are evaluating poetry, consider how well the poetry attracts your interest. Please see our policies to get an impression of how our magistrates view and evaluate poetry.

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