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Once you have selected all the files in your eBook, click on the green "Update" button. As soon as you are done, you can upload the cover of your eBook. Uploading your own e-books to Google Plays Twenty-six - full listing under the mail - is one of the most sought after feature, the possibility to download your own textbooks, eventually came to Google Play Books, and is available to Google customers in those country where Google's e-bookstore formally started (currently twenty-six - full listing under the post). They are able to send us unsecured documents in Google PlayBook, in either email or email formats.

Store up to 1,000 of your own data in theoud. You can open them in your web browsers as well as in Android or Google PlayBook. In the same way as bought manuals, your private documentation is synchronized across all equipment and applications. Simply login to your Google Accounts and you'll see all the ledgers.

At the moment there is no way to use Gmail to transfer your data. I' m hoping that one of these days it will be possible to load a file from a specific Google Drive directory into Google PlayBooks. In your web navigator, go to Google Player and choose Sites. Browse under Uploads and click on it.

Then click the file transfer pushbutton. When you already have your own Google Play book, the submit icon appears in the upper right hand area. You will be prompted to choose the file (s) to be uploaded. Either dragging and dropping a file into the field, adding it from a computer diskette, or selecting it from your Google drive.

Thing to keep in mind is that one of the best resources of free e-mail, Gutenberg project, is sending textbooks to Google Drive with a click of a button, which makes integrating with Google game simplest possible. In fact, Google Play is a fairly quick and easy way to get started with eBook read.

Anybody with a Google Accounts can do this, no need to log in to e-book stores like Kobo, Sony or Diesel. Google favours the "less-is-more" method when it comes to e-books, and I have to say that such a minimalistic attitude makes a great deal of good business with them. E-book fanatic, tech freak, iPhone artists and self-published writer from Poland.

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