Upload Book to Amazon

Book upload at Amazon

Uploading and previewing eBook content It is recommended that you delete old book contents before you upload new ones. In order to upload your file: Locate your script on your computer and click on "Open", and in the next screen, "Light eBook Preview", select one of the available download previews. So you can see how your eBook looks on different machines.

Previews do not show subtitle and name of the writer; these will appear in your e-book when it is released. On-line Previewer shows how most textbooks appear on Kindle gadgets and applications, iPad and iPhone*. The following chart summarises the devices: ReadModePreview how your book could look on large media such as Apple iPad, Android and FireTables.

eReader ModePreview how your book might look on Kindle e-Readers such as Paperwhite, Voyage and Oasis.*Online Previewer will support advanced font functionality, if available with any of these three units. Would you like to get your thumbnail of it? For downloading your book previews file: Click on "Preview on your computer" or "Preview on your Kindle device" in the "Kindle eBook Preview" section Note: If you upload a text book with additional functions, these functions are not displayed in the Online Previewer or in the Downloadable Previewer.

You must use Kindle Textbook Creator Viewer or you must use Kindle Textbook Creator Viewer 3, which also lets you see how your book will look with advanced sentence sizing.

Amazon.com: Sending to Kindle

Submit newscasts, blog entries and other web contents to view on Kindle equipment or reader applications anywhere, any time. Submit your own and corporate papers for instant, anywhere viewing on Kindle equipment and reader applications. Include your files and email them to Kindle with the "Send-to-Kindle email address" to view on Kindle equipment and readers anywhere, any time.

Submit files from your Android mobile or tray to view on your Kindle device and applications at any time and from anywhere. Submit newscasts, blogs and other web contents to your readers' children so they can view them on their Kindle device or reader app anywhere, any time.

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