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Subtitle: UP Institute for Creative Writing. Creative Writing Program of the University of the Philippines Diliman. Creative Writing, Details > Contact >. Nevertheless, I find it a great collection. If Nazis take up'creative writing', the words scream.

Department of English and Comparative Literatures | Creative Writing

Vocabulary Writing provides trainings in different approach and technique in writing literature, poesy, essay und play. This course is held by award-winning and widely publicized authors who improve the abilities of young authors. 100Introduction to creative writing: This is the idea of the category and the creative writing workshops.

101Creative writing and criticism: This is the theoretical and practical approach to critique that goes for creative writing. 110Fiction I: The artwork of the fictive, especially the contemporary storyline, with an overview of the growing of its technologies. 111Fiction II: Writing literature with a focus on the pupil's creative and creative scope, which shows in his capacity to depict more complex subjects and fictitious shapes, as well as the novelette.

120Poetry I: The arts of poesy, especially those of contemporary poesy, with an overview of the development of their medium. 121Poetry II: Writing poems with an emphasis on the pupil's creative and vision. 130Playwriting I: The one-character game and other drama shapes; the writing skills for the theater.

131Playwriting II: The piece in three acts and other sustainable manifestations of dramat. 140Essay I: Developing more sophisticated writing abilities in different kinds of informational essays. 141Essay II: Developing sophisticated writing abilities in different kinds of form. 150Writing for kids I: Writing for kids, especially novels and poems for kids, with an overview of the technologies of children's music.

151Writing for Children II: Writing novels and poems for kids with a focus on published children's books with complex topics and fictitious form, as well as the novel and the volume of poems for them. 160Non-Fiction I: Stories: Developing writing abilities in various autobiographic stories. Section 161Non-Fictionarratives II: Developing writing abilities in different kinds of biographic story.

Introductory course in writing music dramas. 171Music dramatics II: Intermediate work in writing the music dramatics, especially the tsarzuela. 180 book comics writing: Writing tutorial for cartoon boats and comics. 190Performance poetry: To create poesy that emphasizes the verbal traditions that are the sources of their work.

198Special problems: Particular difficulties in creative writing. This is a compilation of the student's creative writing in his selected discipline, which includes a discerning introductory essay that describes the narrative traditions in which he sees himself. 201Criticism workshop: A workshop on writing criticism, which includes critiques of the fine and dramatic art.

210Fiction-Workshop I: Approach to the technique of fictitious writing, incl. fictional writing, the novella, the narration and non-traditional expression. 211Fiction II Workshop: Workshops on Belettristics. 212Fiction-Workshop III: Workshops about literature. 220Poetry Workshops I: Approach to poetic writing skills, incl. the use of lyrical and storytelling styles, verbal poetic and non-traditional expression.

221Poetry Workshops II: Poetic-Workshops. 222Poetry Workshops III: Poetic Workshops. 230Playwriting workshops I: Approach to the dramaturgy technique, incl. writing for film, television and music. 231Playwriting II Workshop: Dramaturgy Theme. 232Playwriting workshop III: Dramaturgy workshops. 240Essay Workshop: Workshops for formally and informally essays.

250Writing for kids workshop: Writing workshop for kids. 260Non-fictional storytelling workshop: Paperback Counting Workshop. 298Special problems: Specific issues in creative writing, CW and art, translations, etc. 300Creative paperwork: Creativity or translations of main works. 310Fiction Workshop I: Workshop for writing the film.

311Fiction II Workshop: Writing the novel. 312Fiction workshop III: Workshops on specific issues in the theoretical and practical aspects of myth. 320Poetry Workshops I: Writing lyrics workshops. 321Poetry Workshops II: Writing workshops on narrow narratives. 322Poetry Workshops III: Workshops on specific issues in poetic thought and deeds.

330Playwriting workshop I: Writing the one-act piece. 331Playwriting II Workshop: Writing the full-length piece. 340Essay Workshop I: Writing the informational essays. 341Essay II Workshop: Writing the paper. 350Writing for Childrens Workshops I: Writing literature and poetics for kids.

351Writing for kids Writing for kids Writing problem solving for kids Writing problem solving for kids. 360Fiction Narrative Workshop I: Writing of autobiographic stories. 361Fiction Narrative II Workshop: Writing biographic stories.

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