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Write nature, write the self. Writing courses. Courses include an introduction to rhetorical principles, the writing process, critical reading, and research and technology. from the University of California, Irvine. Improve your skills in autobiography, screenplay, poetry, publishing and editing, and writing for radio and the Internet.

A²215 | Creativity Writing Thesis | Open University

It is a good tool for both new authors and those with some expertise who want to improve their abilities. This will help you to recognize your strength and interests as a novelist by giving you the possibility to compose in a number of genres: literature, poesy, biography und abiography.

It is not only suited for prospective authors, but for all those who have a keen interest in literacy and would like to increase their knowledge of the creation game. It is divided into five parts. In the introduction, the creativity part, the focus is on the development of a writing habits.

Part 3, Writing Poetics, discusses the roles and functions of poetics. It introduces the most important geometric strategy and poetical means, among them line break ages, line breakages, refractions, rhymes and half-rimes, meter types, punches and formlines. The fourth part, Lifewriting, deals with biographies and autobiographies. Several of the key questions that writing one' s own lives raises are debated, among them the character of remembrance and forgetfulness, the achievement of the self and the representationalism of others.

The heart of the modules is a workbook that guides you through the five parts every single day. On-line group tutorials allow you to discuss some of your work and formulate general points relevant to the entire group. As you walk through the workbook, which is the most important guideline for your study, your instructor will also provide general assistance throughout the entire course.

They have a mentor who will help you with the preparation of the course materials, evaluate and annotate your writing work and who you can ask for help and advise in on-line fora as well as by phone or e-mail. The location of the daily school depends on the number of pupils attending the school.

If you are not able to do so, you will be asked to complete your tutored tagged tasks (TMAs) on-line via the TMA system, unless there are some inconvenience. End of Modules Assessments (EMA), an impartial initiative, must be completed on-line. Writing begins once a year - in October. The page below shows the modul which will be launched in October 2018.

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