Uk Literary Agents looking for new Writers

British frahlings looking for new authors

You can find a frahling new author? See what agents are looking for in new writers and an example of how Harry Bingham hired an agent. 82/UK Frahlinguren are looking for customers Sometimes I want to give up my agents: refusals or (even worse) no refusals, and the eternal "Your work is not right for me". But not all the agents on this shortlist are willing to take on an US novelist. Despite the fact that the UK is a much smaller country, it is certainly more worth working with an agency that considers you an artist rather than a novel.

Frahlingur36 Duncan House, Fellows Road, short bio. An enquiry and the first chapter, as well as a short overview and biographic detail. Literature, commercial fiction, historical fiction, women's literature, crime thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, YA, non-fiction, | memoirs, story, biographies, news "Please note: We will not consider U.S.-based writers who have not been published, as in our opinion an U.S. author needs an U.S. editor on the boat before U.S. writers do so.

" Comercial Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Mysteries, Women's, Book Club Fiction, Children's and Fantasy Series. The agency focuses on making our writers internationally best-sellers. "Very " kommercially oriented" Diane Banks Associates LtdCentral LondonQuery Brief, Organic, Synopsis, and the first 3 chapter. The Bell Lomax Moreton AgencyGround Floor, Watergate House, 13-15 York Buildings, Londres, WC2N 6JUQuery character, organic, synopsis, and the first 3 Kapitel.

Tavistock Crescent, Notting Hill, London, W11 1AYFiction: Enquiry Brief, Biology, Synopsis and the first 3 chapter. Nonfiction: Request cover, sketch and the first 2 chapter. Belletristic, non-fiction, journalism, multicultural, e-mail), a complete summary of about 300 words, suggested instead of the first three chapterues.

Fiction, commercial fiction, thriller, The Blair Partnership8-14 Vine Hill, London EC1R 5DXQuery Brief (in the text of an email), summary and the first 10 pages. When you send a storybook, use JPEG or PDF single agents. Attach a covering note, a short summary and the first three sections of your work as a Word or PDF file.

"The LBA has had great achievements in publishing first releases to date, and we are looking for new writers who are becoming best-sellers internationally. You can find more information about the submissions, incl. the readings, under the agents. Literature, crime fiction, historical fiction, women's literature, non-fiction, memoirs, nature writing, popular culture, sport "If you haven't hear from us within eight week, then you can be sure that we are not the right agencies for your projects.

We do not take sci-fi, gruesomeror, grown-up fantasies, romanticism, self-help, garden work, movie and TV script, theatre or poems. "Please submit a covering note, 3 sections and a summary. We will only get in touch with you if we want to continue with your request.

" Belles Lettres, Non-Fiction, YAWebsite has no author page. I' m sending an e-mail to a federal agent: Interrogation note, summary, example chapter and a biography. Childrens booksonlyAccepted by very few customers. Cover letters to the "Submissions" department. Interrogation Brief, Summary, the first 3 sections, a biography and a SASE. Please submit a summary and three chapters:

If you have not listened to us within six week of submitting your work, please do not expect us to be your representative. "querying only one spy. Nonfiction, YA;Science and Fantasyiction, Children's Literature "We try to react and react within a period of one mono. "Please send in a summary and three example sections.

Belles lettres, historic literature, mystery/mystery/suspense and thriller, women's literature in a range from chic literature to legends to modern and literary literature, young adults`ofiction. We take care of translations, US, movie and TV deliveries for all our customers. "It can take between 8 and 12 week to send in non-fire respondents without being asked. Preferred mail. Brief an Sebastian Godwin:

Just checking on an operative. View single agents for preference. If you don't receive an answer within 16 week, you are not interested. London, e-mail the first three chapter along with a single syopsis request an agents. View single agents for preference. "Although we consider contributions from internationally renowned writers, we believe that US writers are generally better looked after by an US agent."

Children's bibliography, YAThe website has a gotten publicized leaf with message on the cognition of the work. and the sound commerce) Our product literate playing period the gathering person scored aged schemer from all thought organization unit including a leader from HM Opposition and first information businessperson including the known/dotent duplicate businessperson of them all.

" Only register with one agents. Only direct your request to one agents. "Please provide an introductory note with your e-mail and telephone number, along with a short summary and the first 30 or so pages. Books of literature, non-fiction, story, popular culture, news, celebrity memoirs, ghostwriting "If you have not received word from us within eight week, then your entry was not successful", Hardman & Swainson Literary Agency4 Kelmscott Road, do not mail your entry to a single agen.

Literature womens literature, womens literature, historic womens literature, criminality and thrillers, horrors, YA, medieval literature, memoirs, narratives and nonfiction books incl. populary studies and story, other high-quality non-fiction. Representing 60 writers between three agents. Belletristik und Sachbuch "If you do not receive an e-mail from us within 6 week after submitting your contribution, please do not hesitate to contact us. "Enquiry mail only to:

Commercials literature, which includes story, criminality, thriller and sci-fi, as well as contemporary literary literature, story, biography und Autobiographie and pop-sciences, and literature on the natural, political and contemporary worlds, humor, pop cultural and art. "Please return the covering note, the first 3 sections and the summary to: Children's literature can be submitted:

Children / YA, or scripts for film, TV and TheatreLarge agencies. Send an information cover note with information about yourself and your cover note, the first three sections (or about fifty pages) and a short summary of your literature or a complete overview of non-fiction to Belletristik und SachbuchThis is a big one.

Submit a covering note, a summary and the first three sections to the agents you ask. Just checking on an operative. Submit a request, a one-page summary and the first five pages to: Irresistible Culture in Impossible Times" accept both post and e-mail entries. Inquiry, short summary and the first three chapter only as Word or Open Docum.

Submit the request, summary and three sections to: Belles lettres, children's literature, electronically only. The Andrew Mann Literary Agency39 - 41 North Road, sending emails to: Just checking on an operative. Submit the inquiry note, summary and the first 2 chapters: all in the text of the e-mail to: Enquiry note (in the main part of an e-mail), summary and the first 3 sections.

Sending To:: Belletristic and non-fiction "We are representing writers from all over the globe and also successfully reviewing self-published and wellestablished writers. "Sketch: Enquiry Brief, Summary, the first 50 pages and SASE. Nonfiction: Enquiry note, a suggestion, similar volumes, example chapter and SASE. Belles lettres, non-fiction and children's literature. If you have not received any information from us after 3 month, please believe that your entry was not successful.

" Subject only to one agent: Belletristic, non-fiction, YA and children's books "We will try to reply within six to eightweek. "No self-help, sci-fi, fantasy, romantic, kids, illustration, biz. Just checking on an operative. You will find special policies for each of the agents. Inquiry, summary and first 10,000 words to: When submitting your literature, please enclose the first three chapter or fifty pages of your novel, a one to two page summary and a brief cover note.

Please enclose a sketch with a model section and a cover letter for non-fiction books.

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