Uk Independent Publishers List

List of independent publishers in the UK

This is a fine, independent list, published with great spirit. Publishers & Specialist Publishers Previously published by the Hesperus press, Alma Buch focuses on the publishing of literary translations. All you need to know about Egypt's historical, artistic and political life, but also about innovative publishers of Egypt's literary works. Technical bibliography, especially strongly focused on the translations of texts by Estonian and Germans. Committed independent publishing house located in New Delhi and Madras, re-publishing volumes on the Indian language, culture, history Peru.

Publishers for the Caucasus and Central Asia. He specializes in the publication of the best detective stories and romantic noiras from distant lands, among them Saskia Noort's The Dinner Club. This is a beautiful and eclectical bibliography, as if the old Harvill list had been revived in the United States. Genuine Anglophone literature in the pocket book - often with a surrealistic-gothic-decadent touch.

Publicise Tom Sheppard's flawlessly investigated and illustrated journeys through the Sahara by car. First class journal and general bibliography, strongly in translating. Committed expert for Islam, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa. London's premier Middle Eastern scholarly publishing house, but also a major force in cinema and general political and historical circles.

Scientific publishers specialized in Islam and Middle Eastern countries in the fields of literature, history, architecture, religious studies and music. The name of Permanent Black, a multifaceted, cutting-edge Indian publishers founded in 2000, has an amazing 200 book backlog and has become India's most renowned academia publishers.

Appropriately called after the underworld' s Grecian godsdess, Persephone publishes literary works, most of which were published by interwar years. An elegant bibliography - especially popular with Europeans. A new publisher specializing in international business law. Unmistakable publishers above the beautiful bookstore in Westbourne Grove. The Middle East, new writing, historical and political.

New, general list publishing house with a new list of brief histories. The Signal Boks production is a fresh blend of cutting-edge guidebooks and culture scholars. A small general list of men & dogs, Lemons & Gabriel Zaid's So Many titles. Inside information of the writer Anthony Gardner, who is also editor of the Royal Society of Literature.

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