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You can write without really thinking about what you are writing. A few took notes typing on the computer. The input allows the user to write down his thoughts and ideas faster than with a script. Typeing is the process of typing or entering text by pressing keys on a typewriter, computer keyboard, mobile phone or calculator. Learn how to type with the touch and start typing faster.

Up to 5 short cuts to improve typing speeds

All of us know that typing speeds matter. If you are seeking a position as a legal secretary or management assistent, the ability to types quickly and precisely may be the only ability that comes between you and another similarly skilled candidate. Are you able to enter more than 65 words per second? You may not have had the advantage of taking one or two typewriter courses at university.

So how do you get those abilities up to tie in a brief bout of times so that you can be able to compete for these high paid locations? Here are 5 shortcut keys to help you improve your typing performance in no time.

Beginners Typing Lesson 1

Use the colors and touch numbers in the next table to practice the following patterns or words. Imagine where the alphabet keys are and use the displayed fingerprints. With only the four lefthand alphabet keys, D and A on the Home Key series, with D and D on the line above, we can sense the âfredâ which is one of 16 words that can only be made up of these four type.

Put your hands over the Home Keys. Use the second touch of the d a d a d a d a d a d a d a d t h o. On the Home buttons, touch the d d f f d d d f f d d f f d f f f f f f f f f d f d f o f t h o f t h o u s. Within these four characters, the lefthand side of your hands can enter the pattern.

Now you can sense them by gently pressing the keys. Right finger 1 and 2 use the home keys J and K and I in the upper line. Slightly touch j k j j k j k j k j k j k j k, then touch the line above, and enter the following line twice.

Notice: We cannot enter words with only these four letters. TIP the semicolon with the right little thumb or let it out until a later teaching. game; food free; fire free; free food; roasted roe; killed doe; free riding; killed doe friendly; let edie Diet; builder horseman guy released roeer; kidd horseman lined roe deer; released rudd; released deer was dy; fled; wasted; was killed;

frd frji deep-fry free lined Deer; Duke scornfully impolite umpire any; did frideked fr isk fire impolite jolt; did frddy fr isk food denff fr isk free deep fritted Red Stag; impolite eddy fr isk jolted fr isk; WELL DONE!

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