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On the simplest level, transcription is the input of audio versions of documents. These can be lectures, workshops, telephone conferences, podcasts and more. Home-based offline part-time job data entry work PDF to MS Word Typing. Here is a large list of work-at-home typing jobs for people who are fast and accurate typists. You can work from home and earn money part-time or full-time.

Home based typing: Come work with us!

In order to provide high-quality transcriptions of your dictations, we cooperate with many professionals, especially from the fields of medicine, law and insureds. Transcrivers must have fast and precise writing abilities, sound sectoral and terminological expertise and a good grasp of German language use. They must also be resident in the UK.

As our customer list is growing fast, this is a good moment to join the Accuro group.

Recruiting - Documents Direct

There are a number of vacancies for a wide range of abilities. We' re currently very interested in hiring day or night shifts with outstanding writing and text editing capabilities. To work as an Audiosekretärin from home, please click here to apply on-line.

DOCUMENTS DIRECT works for clerks in the UK. Our passion is to give our employees the flexibility they want and need. We believe that the prices we invoice our customers are fair and represent the wage level required by British translators. Several of our best clerks also have Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate (MOS) or Microsoft Certified Applications Specialist (MCAS) qualifications and are skilled in PowerPoint slide show design and in the creation and input of data bases with Excel.

The best secrearies who have MOS/MCAS get a bonus for this kind of work, as these abilities are in high demand and often rarely found. Please click here if you are interested in qualifying for becoming an MCAS. Please send us your application.

Work from home as a typist for OutSec

When you don't receive any news from OutSec, it doesn't mean that your resume was inconclusive. We don't currently have a gap. Each typist should have at least two years of typing expertise. Specialization is necessary in one of the following areas: real estates (surveying or real estates agency), juridical, medicinal, financial or interview as well as a min. writing rate of 70 mpm.

If your resume is accepted, you will be asked to take a typing test to determine your proficiency profile. At OutSec we pride ourselves on being able to help our employees at all tiers. Here you can get on-line resource sharing, view the OutSec Typist newsletter every three months, and safely share and load your data without the need for e-mail.

Together with you, your department head will find out which customers are best for your skills, and you will also receive customer-specific instruction if necessary. You' ll need to have your own earphones and transceivers available, complete with audio player and headphone - see the following Freq. for more information.

If I was an OutSec Ltd worker? They are independent and charge OutSec for their work at the end of each monthly. So, how do I get work? At the beginning of each calendar year OutSec members send a request to their department head stating their uptime for the next seven business hours.

We select and train you to work with our customers according to your specific capabilities and uptime. If a customer is uploading an audio transcript for you, the head of department will inform you that work is available. UpSec FileManager can be used with Apple Macs with Java Applet on.

If you wish, you can order these devices directly via the web or from your dealer. There are also other multi-purpose transliteration programs available. Is OutSec still working for me? We' re interested in receiving job offers from all parts of the globe, provided you meet the required qualifications and have the appropriate amount of expertise.

The type of out-sourcing means that we cannot guaranty a certain amount of work for a certain time. OutSec is currently not able to process value-added tax bills from clerks. And OutSec knows that when you buy a peanut, you get ape! When you are a quick, precise transcriber, you should be able to make tempo installments light.

You' re billed by the minutes, just like the customer. You can find further information in the section on the above description of the program. CAUTION: WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR REGISTRATION AS AN OUTSEC CODER. Yes, we have some clerks doing that.

That means by definition that we can only provide work that can be done over night or on weekends, and that restricts your earning potential. I' m interested in becoming a member of OutSec. How do I do that? How is your recruiting and equality of opportunities policies? Overall political accountability rests with Richard Phillips, Operations Director.

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