Typing Stories on the computer

Writing stories on the computer

The more you practice, the faster you will become. Use this type to write your own stories and print worksheets. Click on the "Print" button below to print the page. This page is printed in the size of your paper. In order to open and read these Read, Write & Type Stories, you need a copy of Acrobat Reader on your computer.

So what are some hints to write a history on a computer?

The more you practise, the quicker you become. There are also some applications such as Typing of the Dead that encourage you to typing and learning more quickly without looking at the keypad. As soon as you are good at typing in general, it will be simple enough to enter your words, thoughts and stories directly into the computer.

I' m a computer user, because yes, no rubber issues......... and many others, but the best for free. and frankly I only use the above and they do anything but covers kind! No need for unusual write programs - Notepad or other text write programs are allright.

Here you will find a free tutorial/online typing course. They can' t guess quickly, but if you know the right techniques, you' ll get a good feel for precision and time. Be it on a flash drive or another computer, or even a hard copy, always have a copy. When your computer crashed all of a sudden, you'll thank yourself.

Computer is not for everyone. Sometimes it' s easy for someone to write their stories on a computer. If you do not want to type, you should have an empty notepad for all cases.

Story-starter: Empty writing side

Compose your own stories with this guy and use it to create work-sheets. Click on the "Print" pushbutton below to start printing the page. This page is printed in the original page of your document. It has been dimensioned to be proportionate to a normal 8-1/2" x 11" piece of hardcopy. Empty line in the pages are text only and can be deleted and overwritten or added with the Undercut-Akey.

These pages are in Flash file and need the Flash-Player from Adobe.

Reading Writing & Writing Stories

To open the related stories, click on each image. As soon as the history is open, you can select "Full screen" from the "View" menue and scroll through it with the arrows to the right and the right and read the history on your computer. Alternatively, you can select "Save As" or "Save a Copy" (Win) from the "File" drop-down list and store the whole history on your harddisk for later viewing or print.

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